Video: The Daito-ryu School descended from both Morihei Ueshiba and Sokaku Takeda

This video contains a brief clip of Hakaru Mori Sensei of the Takumakai school of Daito-ryu. Among the Daito-ryu schools with the largest number of practitioners is the Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu Takumakai based in Osaka. This group was centered on Takuma Hisa who first began Daito-ryu training under Morihei Ueshiba in 1933 and then was taught by Sokaku Takeda from 1936 to 1939. In this sense technically speaking the Takumakai practices a hybrid curriculum containing techniques taught by Morihei Ueshiba and Sokaku Takeda. The current director of the Takumakai is Hakaru Mori Sensei.

Click here to watch the Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu video

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