“Appropriate Preemption,” by Nev Sagiba

“The pusher was bending down to pull out a pistol from a boot holster he would have used before any of the unconscious crowd could even begin to know what happened.”

Appropriate preemption is a rare thing because it requires a measure of clarity that some people imagine as “mind reading.” Not so. It is the clear and lucid reading of intention which makes itself available with regular practice of good budo, especially Aiki Budo where your practice partners know how to attack without telegraphing as do beginners and the unskilled.

Morihei, Gozo, Koichi, Seiichi and Morihiro had it. Most of the others fake it and that poorly.

Preemption is one of the epitomes of budo skill that separate the true budoka from children.

The thug, the bully and the idiot does not preempt. He merely initiates aggression. This is the pathology we are trying to heal in the species.

In order for true preemption to become available the protector must have a clear and unmitigated knowingness of the attackers intention to attack. Then be able to discern, evaluate, decide and act in less than two seconds.

The following is true recounting of something that happened:

A budoka had a job as a waiter in a large restaurant. Whilst serving a table he casually sauntered up to one male person and delivered a knockout strike. A furor ensued and as it turned out he was arrested and charged, and needless to say lost his job.

That was what the somnambulists witnessed.

In the first court hearing he was charged as the investigators and judge were also somnambulists transfixed by the Matrix. And lazy ones at that. There are no excuses, ever! Not getting your job right is not an option. Excuses do not cut it.

However, that was not the end but the beginning.

By the time the matter went to the court of appeals, proper investigations had been carried out by individuals who were more interested in excellence in their profession than merely payday.

To cut an otherwise long story short, this is what actually occurred and was proven beyond doubt when ALL the witnesses and the real perpetrator were interviewed PROPERLY, and the salient points were found out.

In short the budoka/waiter prevented a murder.

He knew that he was doing so. He evaluated all the pre incident indicators and noticed this: Most of the people at the table were jabbering at odds. But the guy he had knocked out who was sitting at one end was having words with the two other guys farther down over drug related debts. Unpaid illicit drugs.

One of the guys told him to wait. The guy at the end of the table said that he was not going to wait. One of the two he was arguing with him proffered a very scathing insult, whereupon the drug pusher bent down slightly.

This is when the waiter socked him to oblivion.

The pusher was bending down to pull out a pistol from a boot holster he would have used before any of the unconscious crowd could even begin to know what happened.

On appeal the waiter was cleared. Obviously.

Now, that is standard practice for those who know how.

For the somnambulists, let me say this: You miss most of life! Stop deceiving yourself that you even remotely resemble a budoka of any kind because you think you can do “nice” techniques. Techniques, “the playthings of the dojo,” are the least part of budo. The actual ability to effect protection is the essence of Budo!

For the paranoid, you imagine things that do not exist and you tend to start trouble that does not need to exist.

For the criminally inclined, you start problems by initiating aggression imagining that the result will be somehow good.

The lowest human state is that of using aggression to obtain results.

The next lowest is to walk around asleep thinking the Matrix is all there is.

To wake up is simple yet hard work. Keep training and choose employment where your Budo is put to use practically instead of hiding away like a paper tiger pretending you know Budo because of some obscure lineage.

Real life is here. Get into it.

Real protectors are not often popular because their insight and protection ability is not comfortable to the torporific. But in choosing a life of somnambulism, the torporific choose the very predation they like to wish “should” never happen.

Real life can be a jungle and knowing your terrain enables appropriate preemption. The dormant cannot discern appropriate preemption from inappropriate initiation of aggression because they lack the equipment to discern.

That can be changed. It is a choice with hard work attached. This skill determines the protector from the peasant. You must meet fear and come to terms with it.

Just as you can not walk on one leg, so also you will not get it in just a dojo. Field work is required.

When combining field work with dojo practice both are augmented. What you bring from realty will upscale dojo practice and what you refine in the dojo will enable your field skills exponentially.

A half a budoka is not. Fully functional and appropriate preemption is the keynote of Aikido – Kime, the ability to decide instantly following the intel you receive from your alive zanshin!

This forms true strategic capability, without which no real Budo spirit is present.

Nev Sagiba

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