“How Can You Tell If You Have The Warrior Gene?,” by Nev Sagiba

Some indicators are:
If you feel intense dislike of bullies and cowards.
When you feel like stepping in to stop injustice.
When you feel like “taking out” those who lie, con, cheat, and predate on the weak, innocent and gullible.
When you feel an obligation to stop harm and protect society.
When you are aware and like to minimize risk where you see it.
When you feel motivated to protect and instruct those who are too weak, ignorant or unprepared to do so for themselves.
When you like to see people happy, productive and at peace.

The warriors way walks a fine line. The risk is that an often legitimate warrior may, with excess of zeal and insufficient training, tip out and become part of the problem.

Here is the good news: In order to maintain and administer a society there are numerous career paths that require warrior types capable of facing danger to minimize risk for the gentler folk. Such active servers thereby establish a healthy balance both within themselves and in society that they serve.

You will seldom be thanked (Watch last 3 minutes of the movie The Seven Samurai) but the job satisfaction is always rewarding.

If you are an Aikido practitioner, in these cases the skill you obtain as part of your career will be augmented with additional strategic insights, and in turn your career will increase your Aikido skills.

Whatever your work, Aikido properly addressed will enhance your ability and your daily life.

A well protected and properly administered society is in a good position to uplift itself and step up to higher standards of happiness.

Nev Sagiba


  1. toni rodrigues says:

    I am curious: what does the Phantom have to do with it?

  2. You know, that’s weird, these traits are the ones I’ve read before to describe those born under the sign of Aries. I realize aries is a warlike sign, but I wonder what the connection is. I seriously doubt I have this special gene, but I certainly have all of traits you’ve listed. Been that way my entire life. Quick to impulsive anger, as well.

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