Christian Tissier video: “The dynamic and elegant art of the pride of French Aikido!”

This video captures an outstanding demonstration by one of Aikido’s preeminent masters, Christian Tissier at Aiki Expo 2005 held in Los Angeles, California sponsored by Aikido Journal. In this demonstration, Tissier first offers a series of exciting Kashima Shin-ryu kata. This classical style descends through the lineage of Zenya Kunii and Minoru Inaba, taught at the Meiji Grand Shrine in Tokyo. This school also influenced the aikido of Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei, one of Tissier’s mentors. Following the sword demonstration, Tissier Sensei demonstrates many elegant and dynamic taijutsu forms in his own inimitable style. He reveals a very high level of aikido that has attracted literally tens of thousands of students the world over.

Click here to watch at dynamic demonstration of Christian Tissier at Aiki Expo 2005

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