Video: Stanley Pranin explains and demonstrates Shomenuchi Kotegaeshi at private Las Vegas Seminar

In this video, Stanley Pranin explains and demonstrates shomenuchi kotegaeshi. Some of the main points he stresses are:

  • the importance of nage initiating the attack
  • the role of atemi in unbalancing uke
  • use of a soft hand grab and the “tether principle”
  • why “pain compliance” is not needed to execute this throw

Pranin is the founder of Aikido Journal and will be conducting a joint seminar with Pat Hendricks Sensei of Aikido of San Leandro, one of the highest ranking female aikido instructors in the world, in Las Vegas, March 9-10, 2013.

Click here to view video of Stanley Pranin demonstrating shomenuchi kotegaeshi

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