PDF File: Koichi Tohei’s 1974 Letter of Resignation from Aikikai Hombu Dojo

In May, 1974, an event occurred that shook the roots of the aikido world to its very foundations. It was then that Koichi Tohei, the chief instructor of the Aikikai Hombu Dojo, resigned from his post and left the headquarters organization to form his own school. Many aikido associations, dojos, instructors, and students, particularly in Japan and the U.S.A., were compelled to make a choice of whether to stay within the Aikikai system or join Tohei’s newly-created Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido organization.

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  1. Japan evolves some of the best automobiles in the world.

    Can you imagine the results if such petty arrogance as displayed by these proponents of “harmony” was espoused by the car manufactures and such retarded conditions imposed between experts of car manufacturing?
    For example:
    1. I will never use rubber for tyres.
    2. I will never use wires.
    3. I will never use plastic.
    4. I will never use light fittings.
    And so on.

    Instead of joining forces, comparing notes or networking to produce a superior world dominating machine.

    Is there any wonder that the standards of Aikido immediately fell into a long downwards decline on a slippery slope of unnecessary rotten politics, watering down of technical ability and fakery for profiteering even before the Founder had taken his final breath?

    These “custodians” betrayed their entrusted charge of the preservation of a global treasure! Instead they chose to be guilty of WAR! The base desires of arrogance, greed, jealousy and other rot was given vent to.

    Dead or alive they should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves. Yes, the “big” names! And so should their clone blind followers for blindly following deceivers, the blind leading the blind.

    If the Aikido world does not wake up to itself, it will die out and the world will then lose the very gift that may assist in lifting it out of the morass of ignorance, warfare, fear, doubt and a paradigm of lack thinking it is now in.

    It is up to YOU who are reading this to make the difference. Most will slink away with their tail between their legs and continue lying to themselves, and sadly this with self righteous hubris.

    A few may begin thinking, tune in to what the Founder aspired to and just maybe, continue to offer the gift of true Aikido to the world.

    We shall see.

  2. Nev,

    Thanks to this website I have learned a lot about the division in aikido styles and organisations. But I wonder what you would have us do? How can you speak in such vague terms and then follow up with a call to action?

    I’m not sure what we, the average aikidoka, need to do to repair the damage, or what the damage even is.


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