Video: “The World of Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo… the Missing Link of O-Sensei’s Takemusu Aiki”

“Morihiro Saito demonstrates the Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo at the Aiki Shrine in 1979”

In discussions of the evolution of Morihei Ueshiba’s art, the Aiki Ken and Aiki Jo may be considered the “missing link” to an understanding of the Founder’s “Takemusu Aiki.” The latter term refers to Morihei’s aikido during his intensive period of study in Iwama during the war and the years immediately following. Many consider this the actual birth of modern aikido and the epitome of Morihei’s art. Mainstream aikido knows little of this period, and only some schools of aikido regard the practice of the ken and jo as important.

Click here to view the video of Morihiro Saito demonstrating Aiki Ken and Jo techniques in Iwama in 1979



  1. “Best clip that I’ve seen” is an understatement. Explosive.

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