Video: Katsuyuki Shimamoto, 8th Dan Aikikai, in Holland (2011)

“When we are rigid, or frozen, we cut ourselves off from our partners…”

Katsuyuki Shimamoto Sensei, an 8th dan Aikikai shihan, is also a practicing Soto Zen-Buddhist Priest. A student of late Kisaburo Osawa Sensei, he practices a style of Aikido that is sometimes soft and fluid, and sometimes very sharp and direct. Born in 1937, Shimamoto Sensei teaches Aikido on the grounds of his family temple — the Toyonaka Shosenji Temple in northern Osaka, Japan. When asked about how Aikido and Zen are related, Shimamoto Shihan explains: “One connection has to do with tension and relaxation. I tell my Aikido students to bring tension and relaxation into harmony. When we are rigid, or frozen, we cut ourselves off from our partners – but, when we are completely yielding, there is no attention or awareness with which our partners can engage…

Click here to view the video of Katsuyuki Shimamoto, 8th dan Aikikai

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