Shoji Nishio: “I consider aikido a morally principled ‘Yurusu Budo,’ a ‘Budo of forgiveness.’”

“I have always considered myself simply another follower on the path, in a position neither to serve as a model for others nor to assert my views on budo technique.”

Aikido is a “budo, a “martial way,and therefore inextricably rooted in “jujutsu” or “martial technique.” Yet when I look at the aikido world today, I see very little “budo-ness” being expressed in technique, and I wonder if people haven’t begun to forget these important roots. While people often say things like, “Aikido is sword technique…,” and “throws and pins are actually strikes…,” there is rarely any explanation of such ideas. There are even some who claim that aikido has no need for things like striking and weapons techniques. In many settings these days, aikido is becoming little more than a kind of health exercise pursued by the elderly, and women and children.

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