Saved at the last moment! “Yasuo Kobayashi: A man of his word,” by Stanley Pranin

“Rather confused and embarrassed by the whole affair, he
explained the awkward situation he had been maneuvered into…”

Heartened by Kobayashi Sensei’s principled stance, we contacted each of the other invitees who were considering pulling out. Using Kobayashi Sensei’s unwavering support as an example, we succeeded in persuading each of them in turn to honor their commitment to participate in the Friendship Demonstration. As they say, the rest is history. On April 7, 1985, the 1st Aikido Friendship Demonstration took place in Tokyo and was a resounding success attracting more than 900 people…

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  1. My Gibeaut says:

    I admire the courage and the strength of men like this. The relationships and situations we find ourselves in often make it difficult to be true to what we believe in as individuals. That is true, no matter at what side of an issue we may find ourselves.

    The growth of the Aikido Kobayashi Dojos under the kind leadership of Yasuo Kobayashi, seems to support a theory that diligence to one’s beliefs is a recipe for success. The success of Aikikai Foundation in acting as an umbrella organization is also quite impressive. May we all then find the courage of our conviction, so that Aikido may grow and evolve in its own time. Hannah Sensei told me, that Mitsunari Kanai Sensei had told him, “When an apple is ripe, it will fall from the tree.”

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