Video: Christian Tissier at 2012 Vienna Seminar

This is video features Christian Tissier Sensei, 7th dan, conducting a seminar in Vienna in March 2012. Among the techniques presented are yokomenuchi shiohonage, shomenuchi ikkyo, iriminage, kaitennage, etc.

Christian Tissier began aikido as a boy in France in 1962,. He spent eight years in Japan at the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo training with many of the art’s top masters. On his return to his native France, he brought back a new kind of aikido that soon captured the imagination of the Aikido world in his country and practitioners throughout Europe. Tissier is at present the leading figure in the FFAAA organization, one of France’s two large Aikido associations. He was the first foreign instructor to have taught at the International Aikido World Congress…

Click here to view the video of Christian Tissier Sensei at the 2012 Vienna Seminar

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