“Why Harmony? – Sword and Explosives – Enlightenment is Dangerous,” by Nev Sagiba


 ” “Why did Ueshiba state that his Budo of Aiki, whilst not a religion, can lead religion to completion? Was it arrogant or simply pointing to a vital universal principle that enables the addressing of violence by converting it into harmony instead of contending?”

Why Harmony?

When fighting to restore a compromised harmony it’s not all sweetness and light but can get downright ugly. The wisdom of balance is in knowing when to stop and not become addicted to “action” thereby falling into the dark side and becoming the very problem we sought to solve. That is the risk the warrior protector faces. And yet the Universe tests us all in the front line, in circumstances of life itself, within ourselves, if not the very battlefield.

So, why harmony? Why not any which way?

After all, there have been times when the fittest and cruelest took the day. And everything else they wanted. Then built an empire, after which it became extinct. Nothing was learned and this pattern has been repeating since the first humans.


Why is it that empires invariably fail to “get it” and then destroy themselves. Aside from the fact that the foundations were rotten to begin with.

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see that we are an integrated part of a whole. This is not, “deep philosophy” simply common sense. Both science and religion confirm it again and again. Any organism cannot operate against its own integrity and hope to sustain.

This concept of so called “enlightenment” is often portrayed as to be so that when one person’s opinions somehow “get enlightened” they will somehow be separated in a, “better class of beings,” and be able to look down their nose at everyone else. Then that can purchase some extra special cloud real estate in a rest home called Nirvana. Somehow they won’t go mad with boredom. Such thinking is infantile and regressive.

If enlightenment is real, it would be akin to a shodan. It would mean that you have qualified to begin. Some believe it is the end and for them it is. But either way it would not be a rest home. There are no beginnings or endings in the Universe. Only relativity and progressions. Change is eternal and perennial. The dance of the peaceful warrior has no end. Stages of possibility and maintenance of harmony as best as can for this day. Each day. Enlightenment comes differently to each. Most reject it because letting go of layers threatens their ideas of security. And so it passes.

Why does harmony need to be a living thing? Why not any which way?

Why do empires who fail to get it right destroy themselves? Why do Nature and the Universe refuse to support crooked ventures deployed in a sub-human manner?

If you want to be part of the club of life, on loan compliments of Great Nature, you must abide by club rules and not put your feet on the table. Courtesy is the beginning of life. It was on that basis that it is loaned to us in the first place.

As members of a species there are guidelines and paradigms which must be adhered to in order to co-exist and be able to continue to attend this place. We are subject to the great harmony of the universe whether we believe anything at all or not.

There are not many choices. Only two in fact. We can make the choice to seek out and find a way to wake up from the thrall of blinded unquestioning habituation. Or we can stay in the dark and keep on walking into things and bumping into each other.

The universe will not alter one atom. Rather we have the option to learn. There are no exceptions or “exemptions” from the Great Law, the Great Flow which is the Universe. You will break yourself persisting to want your way trying to somehow alter all of that. Swimming against this stream is not possible. Some try but ultimately perish. The arrogant will prefer to keep on running head first into walls. And this at immense expense to themselves and all life.

Or we can simply open our eyes and find the door. This yoga is easy. However, AFTER ENLIGHTENMENT THE WORK BEGINS!

There are no finalities in the universe. Also with so called enlightenment or waking up. Increments of awakening are endless and continuous when adhering to a Way. Nothing is fixed. Not even awakening. The universe may change the game rules and you’ll need to start over. Even enlightenment can be taken away. The unenlightened will deny this but in doing so they reveal themselves as unenlightened would-be cheats who will not acknowledge fact and want to run from responsibility.

Say: “The Universe!” and the semi-educated start thinking of “galaxies far away.” The less than 1% we think we see which is no longer there. Even a cursory look a quantum physics shows that the galaxies, dimensions, dark matter and the whole kit and caboodle only seem to be far away and are in fact right next to our skin.

Whilst the bulk of it is done for us, the Great Universe being automated, the less than 1% we are conscious of is in our responsibility to maintain.

Why cultivate harmony? Why not?

As members of a species there are guidelines and paradigms which must be adhered to if we are to continue to exist. Discovering what these are should be our primary concern.

“Why did Ueshiba state that his Budo of Aiki, whilst not a religion, can lead religion to completion? Was it arrogant or simply pointing to a vital universal principle that enables the addressing of violence by converting it into harmony instead of contending?

“There is no enemy of love… There is no time and space before Ueshiba of Aikido… only the universe as it is..” Morihei Ueshiba

For at least the last ten thousand years we have mostly been in a state of mutiny and navigating nothing. Drifting aimlessly as to our true nature, too busy fighting among ourselves. We don’t know what the Cosmic Ocean is bringing our way. But just as nobody likes to be bullied and pushed around, equally everyone enjoys a just reward for a job well done.

Empires are built on the fragile premise of needing to control others, infringe, impose, manipulate and dominate. An exhausting and energy deficient proposition. Harmony is founded on the stable rock of individual integrity, of wanting to fulfil one’s creative mission in life without shirking of responsibility, of community, communication and co creation. Of generating value and abundance in excess. It is the nature of things that chains of command that have to be forced, coerced or intimidated invariably fray. Equally that initiative duly rewarded will grow in power, skill and a desire to serve the greater good.

On the good ship Planet Earth you may elect to be either crew or passenger. Either way we are all, without exception, subject to strict guidelines for surviving the trip through the great Cosmic Ocean. The protective boundaries, the lions guarding the gates will be rough on miscreants.

You are involved and a participant in this journey into the unknown. We all are.

In the face of daily escalating change in greater proportions than ever before, giving some thought to preparedness would perhaps not be such a bad idea.

Sword and Explosives

For too many thousands of years we have been trying to change the world by the use of sword and explosives.

Have we succeeded? Perhaps, but for the better? That is questionable. A global minority seem to have more, “things” now, which we could have had anyhow and better, but the quality of consciousness is, for the greater part doubtful as to any true progress having been made. The rest have too little and the quality of consciousness is difficult to develop when on the run to survive war, starvation, deprivation and gross lack.

It has always been known that evolution achieves things more sustainably than revolution. But we are an impatient species. We rush headlong without taking proper care or giving proper attention to vital details; and thus we fail.

The backlash of revolutions generally leads to worse outcomes and immense untold suffering, waste of life and the destruction of the very minds who could have improved a sustainable progress.

Who remembers all the names of the Roman Emperors? And yet nearly everyone knows the name and the gist of the teachings of the one man whose wisdom survived Rome. Indeed what was left of Rome carried them for 2000 years. His teachings, being core, have infected most of the planet.

Who knows the names of all the old Hindu empires and their kings? And yet one prince and his words sustains the minds of millions. That prince chose to be a monk and then sat under a bodhi tree vowing not to move until he awoke. This he did.

As with so many other messengers and teachers who worked to remind us of our innate commonsense, who remembers the violent, the violators and the mad they had to contend with?

Indeed, too many wise were persecuted by mad men and disappeared. Most may never be known, but around many, whole creeds, sects, cults and denominations sought to repeat and preserve what they taught? Why?

But that is a slow method too often corrupted by those players, middlemen who rather than serve and present the teachings in their original simplicity, sought to “interpret” them out of context in order to profiteer, thereby defeating the purpose and value of the imparted communications.

Notwithstanding, it is within each individuals grasp and “at hand,” that the bridge between heaven and earth can unite by exercising the body-mind connection through active practice of creative skill in action – the original meaning of the word: “Yoga.” In particular skill that harmonizes discord and attrition being of the greater value among all skills.

The pen is considered mightier than the sword because it is led by mind. Writings survive the ages. A cut merely kills. It has already been stated: He who live by the sword shall die by the sword..”

How many times do we need to observe that the playing out of the laws of the Universe indeed fulfills this mandate. Every time.

Could it perhaps be nigh overdue time to give the more efficient, truly economical and easier way a try?

What of those who live by right use of mind?

A Warning – Enlightenment is Dangerous

Enlightenment is more dangerous than terrorism and more virulent than aids and it can’t be stopped.

Throughout the Great Universe light expands unstoppably and before too long lights everyone up ridding darkness.

Enlightenment cannot end. Its progressions are endless and with enlightenment the workload multiplies, the challenges increase and everything that it reaches is contaminated with light.

There is no turning back. Distracted, we missed noticing saturation point as it came and went. Now it is too late to stop the proliferation of light’s snowballing, unstoppable intensity with the passing of each day.

Enlightenment is destroying bogus economies and supplanting them with integrity based sustainable ones. The new economies that enlightenment fosters make it harder and harder for dishonesty to work well. In short, people are waking up.

The whole world is affected. No-one can escape. Light and lightness is flooding the planet unstoppably and more and more people are waking up. Throughout the ages, attempts to murder the enlightened caused their light to multiply and magnify much like that depicted of Obi Wan Knobi (in the movie “Star Wars”), thereby adding to light. He put up his sword knowing this. Their light has accumulated and the world is changing because of it.

Any practice that augments the body mind connection adds to enlightenment. Dead or alive, resistance is futile.

Because you can add to your enlightenment just by sitting, or walking or working or doing anything with the right attitude, no one can tell what you are up to.

Anyone coming within a range of 600 miles of anyone so afflicted is affected and invariably infected. No one can escape. Light appears to be unstoppable.

The authorities can do nothing about it. Even they are beginning to see the light.

Please do not worry. I’m not promulgating anything untoward.

Enlightenment was here long before I ever worked out what’s going on. There are a multitude of examples too numerous to cite all of them here. Pivotal individuals since time began, sought and taught liberation, inner and outer freedom to participate in responsible stewardship. If not in the seeking of true freedom, then what purpose would there be in training, meditating and striving so hard as we do?

Saul of Tarsus was hit by a bolt of light and became Paul then stopped persecuting followers of Jesus. Two thousand years later, Jesus’s core values inform the planet. The Roman empire crumbled and is now extinct. Rome was not invaded, it was sacked by a superior force arising from within. Its citizens progressively woke up, ceased to be fearful and quietly stopped supporting dysfunction.

The bloodthirsty Emperor Ashoka, after nearly rendering Buddhism extinct, saw a fearless monk, promptly ceased his reign of terror, persecuting of the followers of Siddhartha Gautama and converted becoming a benefactor as well as social reformer. The Mauryan empire is long forgotten dust. Hundreds of years later, Buddha’s teachings still guide millions.

Despite the tyranny of the Popes, people nevertheless learned to read, wash and question and the Renaissance happened anyhow… The many advancements which followed still add quality of life in today’s world.

That’s how powerful enlightenment is! And that’s why tyrants fear it and don’t want you to have it. They will try to con you by selling variables that don’t work and which are fraudulent.

But enlightenment is free and you can access it right now simply by deciding to do so.

If this keeps up things will change. They have been changing for a very long time. Could it be a conspiracy?

It has been established that it is now too late to be inoculated against light and right now as you read this you will have come to the realization that you too are irrevocably infected.

There is no cure. Sitting in a dark room will only speed up the process.

Even as a chained slave in salt mine or rowing a galley, your mindful action adds to your enlightenment, increment by increment. The man wielding the whip fails to notice. It cannot be stopped.

When banned from meeting under apartheid like systems, you can meet in mind and in light with all kindred spirits throughout the universe. The internet is an early training for this faculty.

Common sense is the common wealth. It cannot be excluded. A democracy of souls is on the way such as no tyranny can hope to exploit or hinder. It is already here. It has already begun. There are no partisan dogmas or beliefs to be memorized. You will simply start noticing the obvious. More and more, better and better every day.

And it is free. There are no membership fees or dues to pay. There are no, “them and us,” only “us.” Rather, all as one shining unity, yet each uniquely individual, under the sun and stars that were always there since the ancient days of being clods, struggling in the mud and darkness ruled over by evil “gods” who rendered us into slavery with disdainfully ruthless aplomb.

Now, common sense rule is on the increase. Compassion rules. Free thought rules.

Left behind are those that cling to dying concepts, dying beliefs, dying constructs unrecognized by the Great Harmony of the Universe.

Enlightenment may be more dangerous than terrorism and more virulent than aids in its far reaching cure for fear of all kinds, as it grows unstoppably killing the dark shadows of the minds calcifications and enabling new potentials to blossom and grow. New life, new possibility, new everything in a new world, fresh and sparkling with the fullness of life in abundance.

Conflict in any of its forms achieves nothing more than adding to suffering. All “sides” lose. Awakening, on the other hand, victory over oneself, crumbles whole empires built on corruption and this brings authentic and lasting freedom from suffering instead, true victory where everyone wins. It is so infectious that once one person gets enlightened, it spreads like wildfire beyond and faster than washing potatoes ever did for a hundred monkeys.

The old structures are crumbling and decaying as we speak.

There is a new world coming. Moth, dust and rust is eating the old.

Are you ready?

The culprit in all this is the body-mind connection. The more it repairs the more the light shines.

When you sit at a computer it kicks in, when you walk, talk or move it kicks in. When you do any sport there it is filling you with light. When you jog, swim ride a cycle, do yoga or a martial art, there it is also. When you work and communicate, there it is more than ever..

Anything requiring skill and coordination of any kind brings it in and through you. The greater light is among us. There is no escape.

Enlightenment is taking over the world and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. It is too late to go back.

With the passing of each day ordinary individuals just like yourself are becoming extraordinary. You may be feeling the changes already. There are some who will be threatened by this. They may even attack you out of fear, spite, envy and jealousy.

Be on your guard.

Enlightenment comes like a thief in the night. Sure, there may be the occasional whizz-bang cosmic consciousness experience but mostly it progresses in quiet, unnoticeable increments you barely notice. You may feel some changes every now and then, or wake up knowing something is different. Or you may think you are experiencing some sort of crisis, because of change, or a mid life defrag and identity reformatting.

Endorphine highs are nothing more than your body responding to stress making happy drugs. This is not enlightenment. But they may at times accompany enlightenment.

Enlightenment is ordinary. Simply clarity. No more vainglorious sales pitches, dreams, ambitious fantasies. Just ordinariness with clarity. Imagine a planet of enlightened beings. You are about to begin to participate in that very planet, starting today.

Nothing may seem to change. And yet you will know. Something is different.

Writers such as Adyashanti are writing things like this:
“This is something many people don’t know they’re signing up for when they start on a quest for spiritual awakening. As a teacher, one of the things that I find out about students relatively early on is whether they are interested in the real thing—do they really want the truth, or do they actually just want to feel better? Because the process of finding the truth may not be a process by which we feel increasingly better and better. It may be a process by which we look at things honestly, sincerely, truthfully, and that may or may not be an easy thing to do.” From: The End of Your World, © 2009

With enlightenment comes harmony. Harmony sustains. Discord destroys even itself.

Harmony is an aspiration worth working for and worth maintaining. No war has brought either light or lasting peace. No form of contention can. Harmony begets light and light begets life and then consciousness becomes brighter. The inverse of that would not bode well for humanity. Being uneducated, uniformed and wallowing in the darkness of ignorance and agression is both disempowering and dangerous.

The Aikido spirit, by re-enacting the necessity of interpersonal combat in a safe way allows for the fulfilling of the ancient tendencies, thereby honouring their necessity, but renounces the rendering of harm. In so doing it forces all the human faculties into life, fulfilling the “heaven and earth connection,” and the natural mandate of universal energy transmission. As a result, it generates light (hikari) in the firing of the neurones discovering new potentials. It is a simple and natural process only requiring personal motivation, overcoming inertia in the practice of anything at all that you love doing that has a good effect on you, others and the world.

Not only does Aikido’s active meditation training  better prepare for the likelihood of a violent event, but it also serves to augment all our other skills, be they artistic or scientific by stimulating the relevant parts of the mind. Becoming more you. Vivifying who you really are at the core.

Whether you ever get attacked or not becomes irrelevant in the face of this healing art of Aikido which gives life, enhances all that is truly human and then multiplies it exponentially.

The future is ours to make by making ourselves.

The world is being taken over.

By all of us reclaiming ourselves.

It will be a journey.

A Bodhi Flower

Some extracts from Lectures by O Sensei from Mitsugi Saotome’s book “The Principles of Aikido”

“This world is a complete manifestation of Heaven and Earth. We, as human beings created in the same divine, universal image, must make this earth into a truly heavenly place. We must complete and perfect human society. It is important that the people who train themselves in budo encompass the universe within themselves. The mission of Aikido is to achieve this harmony with the universe. To accomplish this must become your whole mind and heart. Prayer for peace and human happiness is the Aikido of Ueshiba.”

“First you must gain insight into the natural world. You must learn to see the depths of its reality.”

“I want my students to observe all of life’s phenomena.. Paying attention to the realities of this world will lead you to fresh insights. If you make use of these insights in your daily life and contemplate the results, your life will become more orderly. Step by step you will raise your spiritual level. Persevering in this kind of honest and open-minded examination of yourself and the world will eventually enable you to grasp the divine wisdom and supreme consciousness that inhabit the material world. I want my students to accept life in all its forms as their teacher. If they succeed in doing this, they will grow in both depth and purity. The vital energy of nature is the greatest teacher of all.”

“Examine the orderly cycles of the sun, moon, and stars, the gradual change of the seasons, the flow of a river through an open valley, or the graceful movement of water as it rushes between rocks. You can learn to see parallel movements within your own body as well. The student of budo cannot afford to overlook the fine arts or the sciences. Knowledge surrounds us in an infinite variety of forms. Do not slight any of them or take any of them lightly.”

“Religious teachings contain much insight and wisdom. You must understand this and express your understanding through budo.”

“In my younger days, I became a convert of a certain religion, and in one of its songs I discovered a phrase concerning “the plum flower that blossoms once in three spiritual worlds.” First, the five petals of the plum blossom represent the five forms of universal energy: earth, water, fire, wind, and sky. If you think of the plum blossom in this way, you will discover in this phrase a lesson about the universe itself.”

“You can see the plum blossom as an actual manifestation of the universal spirit. Also, in the way that the plum blossom opens once and never again you can see the reflection of the unique beginning of creation. Looked at differently, the opening of the plum blossom represents the opening of the rock door of heaven told of in Japanese mythology.”

“The Purpose of Aikido is not merely training yourself in the techniques of bujutsu. Its other purpose is the creation of a world of beauty, grace, and elegance. It is to make this world a better place, a world of joy. ”

“Our goal in budo is not merely to protect ourselves. We must accept the gift of the divine love of God and constantly strive to honor that gift by nurturing the changes that will bring happiness to the world. If we truly honor the sacred heart of budo, we must work for peace, for a world without quarrels, without misery, without conflict. This is the real reason that we practice Aikido. ”

“Aikido is a way of making the universal principle clear.”

“We ourselves must take the responsibility to realize the heart and mind of God.”

“We cannot place exclusive importance on either the material or the spiritual world. In reality they are one and the same thing.”

“It is our duty as aikidoka to strive to understand that divine intelligence and employ that understanding in order to practice Aikido as the great and universal science of life that it is. All of us carry a piece of the purpose of God within us, and we must do our utmost to accomplish this purpose. We cannot allow ourselves to forget or ignore our divine and original ancestor. To accomplish the divine purpose is the reason that we are alive.”

“In other words, we must never allow ourselves to forget the concept of chushin, our center. All things are controlled by the stability and the quality of their center, the place where their being is born. We may call this place the life force, or kannagara, the universal flow of divine consciousness. Whatever you wish to call it, it is the force that comes from our hara.”

“We must not forget our obligation as human beings. That obligation is to create the paradise that is this world’s true form.”

“Once we are truly aware of the universal plan and its divine purpose, we no longer have any real choice but to apprentice ourselves to the service of this most superb and sacred endeavor. This is the essence and heart of budo, and it is the principle aim of Aikido. When we become aware that our life is a gift from the divine consciousness of the infinite universe, we come to realize our true nature as children of God. We were born on this earth so that the great task of our creator might be fulfilled. To work for its accomplishment is our own greatest fulfillment as well.”

“If our center is strong, however, the distinction between the center and its periphery disappears. We no longer see inside and outside as two entities but as parts of a whole. They serve the same function, and work for the same ultimate purpose. The infinite universe and the way of Aiki are the light that signals the dawn of the consciousness of human beings.”

“You might ask what is the most important thing in Aikido training. It is to look at yourself, your innermost soul. The reality of your own life must surely lead you back to its origins, to the beginning of the universe. If you succeed in doing this, you will intuitively realize that your past, present and future, already integral parts of your being, are manifestations of the divine will and the love of God. Each of the individual cells of your body carries a map of the divine plan of creation. Because of this we can realize directly the great love of the creator. Universal consciousness is our birthright. We must go beyond all antagonism and disunity. This is what constitutes aiki no kurai.”

“I would like to show you the kotodama of Aikido and the kagura mai, the dance of the gods as they stand on the floating bridge of heaven. It has been a long time since I performed this kagura mai. When performed with the spear, it symbolizes the working of the creative energy of the universe. It portrays the divine inspiration of the Kojiki, the legends of origin of Japanese mythology. It is the scientific laws of the universe represented through bu. The secret toward which this old man is training himself is the way to open the rock door that shuts the light away from the human mind. It is to change the world of war and ignorance into a world of divine light. It is to improve the spiritual quality of all human beings and to open their intuitive consciousness. This is the purpose of the original bu, which has been reborn as Aikido. That is why I call Aikido the budo of love. It is receiving the spirit of God.”

“Neither budo nor religion seeks only individual salvation. Their higher mission is the search for peace and harmony for the whole human race. ”

“Aikido was born of a deep wish to realize the unity of humankind and to tap the power of the harmony of creation and the true nature of the human spirit.”

Nev Sagiba


  1. Be wary that excessive ramblings don’t lead to condemnation.
    Be wary that repeated issuances of what you think is right for others doesn’t lead to righteousness.
    Aikido is not a religion. Too much of this steers it into the realms of that.
    Let each one utter their joy and appreciation for life in whichever way they choose to view it.

  2. No beginning or end? …hmmmm… If religion has it right there are both. The consensus of science agrees. As to us, get real. We were born. We will die. Meantime the question involves filling the space between in a manner which we believe to be consistent with our desires and standards of conduct. As we are human we are unlikely to be completely satisfied with either the process or result. I like to focus my dissatisfaction on training where there is at least some measure of change which I would like to regard as progress.

  3. Andrew Bedford says:

    Time, in the end, kills you!!!!!!!

    We all want more time, which in turn implies future, then at the end of the future, it kills you, however long that may be.
    Yesterday, or the the day before or last year, absolutely cannot be changed, no matter what, what we did or did not do, cannot be undone.

    However, it is how we “choose” to act, and and our attitude before during and after that action, that will shape our future and the future of those whom we love and care for, and those we wok with and, and those whom we are in daily contact with

    To see this inevitable change, we bring time to an end, because is it real time? it appears the sun rises and sets, giving birth to the first illusions of time.

    Then someone “invented” the first clocks (which personally I find them the strangest of objects), it is made up, all there ever is is this moment right now. it is only right now that we choose how to act, there is no other time we can do it!

    No action can be done yesterday or tomorrow – we can plan yes, and yes we can reflect, but action is so decisive it can only be done now,

    I would like to thank you for a great article Nev, the light spreads now.

    Andy B

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