Wounded Warrior Expo 2012 a success

Group Shot: Commander Pete Marghella (Third Dan TKD), Kyoshi Kevin Blok (8th Dan – Yoshinkan Aikido), Shihan Dana Abbott (Seventh Dan – Samurai Sword), Bill “Superfoot” Wallace (Kick Boxing World Champion, 10th Dan), COL. Dane Harden (Yoshinkan Aikido: Sandan, TKD: Seventh Dan, Sword: Nidan)

Our Wounded Warrior Expo 2012 event was a big success for 2012! In 2011 we had a total of forty-two people on the mat training. This year between the days training sessions, evening dinner, and the Sunday survival session we had over two hundred and fifty attendees! Our morning session covered percussion arts with Bill “Superfoot” Wallace and yours truly. Our Budo afternoon included Kyoshi Kevin Blok head of the Chudokai Aikido Federation (my instructor) and Black Belt Hall of Fame swordsman…Shihan Dana Abbott (my sword instructor)…the day was a wonderful success and everyone had a great time! We started our day off with a prayer for Joe Lewis and then went right into training!

Our Sunday morning training session with land navigation was taught by US Army Rangers! We rotated between three lanes for training and participants got to spend an hour in the water with a water survival and SERE graduate…an Old Army Colonel (me), and then they learned how to survive the “unexpected night out” which was taught by my good friend Dr. Mark Overbay. (Mark studies aikido at our dojo here in Abingdon)

We are already set to do the event again on October 5-6, 2013!

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