Welcome Penn State University Aikido Students!

“This is a fantastic resource for you to gain knowledge
and appreciation for Aikido beyond the classroom…”

Dr. Jim Sullivan, Ph.D., an instructor of kinesiology, at Penn State University has organized a program to supplement the aikido course he teaches at the university. Aikido Journal is providing access to the students of Jim’s aikido class to the Aikido Journal Members Site and its vast amount of documents on all aspects of aikido. In this way, students will be able to inform themselves of the history of the art, its major figures, technique and all manner of related aikido subjects. Here is an excerpt from the email sent to Penn State students announcing the arrangement:

“As mentioned earlier this semester we at Penn State are partnering with the on-line resource Mr. Stan Pranin is the editor-in-chief and founder of Aikido Journal and he has dedicated most of his life to researching and documenting the history, development and training of Aikido. During the course of this semester you will be getting regular emails with articles and videos for you to view. This is a fantastic resource for you to gain knowledge and appreciation for Aikido beyond the classroom…”

Welcome Penn State students!

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  1. Indeed, a wholehearted welcome to the honorable students from Penn State University, and to their aikido program. All who share in the pursuit of the Aiki Principles of Morihei Ueshiba, Kaiso of Aikido, are definitely considered part of the greater family of the Founder’s creation. We look forward to training with you soon.

    All other considerations, especially politically motivated or spawned by special interest groups, simply do not qualify for mention or discussion, since honest and sincere training is what we are all about.

    Again, welcome to the world of Ueshiba Aikido, and may your training bring you joy and achievement.

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