“A Unique Twist on Back Exercises for the Aikidoka,” by Stanley Pranin


“Help for your aching back!”

I recently posted a video where I demonstrate a series of yoga postures that I have incorporated into our aikido warmups. Quite a few readers have shown interest in this subject and shared their experiences with the benefits of yoga, especially related to dealing with back pain.

Among those submitting comments was Dr. Lisa Allaire of San Mateo, California, also a practitioner of Yoshinkan Aikido. I found this video by Lisa on youtube that I thought you would find of interest, particularly if you’ve been dealing with back pain.


  1. Stanley,

    I too have discovered how much taking Yoga not only prevents injury, it helps with the execution of Aikido techniques. I have been incorporating several of them into warmups. I also have just completed my certification to be a RYT (registered yoga teacher). The style I followed is alignment based (Iyengar) which goes very well with the Yoshinkan I do.


    Kerry Nash

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