Hombu Dojo 8th dan: “Interview with Shigenobu Okumura” by Stanley Pranin

Shigenobu Okumura Sensei demonstrating a jodori throw

“It was because of Doshu Kisshomaru Sensei that the dojo was saved. Every time a fire bomb was dropped they put out the fire using buckets in order to save the dojo.”

“Tomiki Sensei was doing the same as Hombu. After the war, he took the position that it was necessary to transform Aikido into a sport in order to modernize it. We took the position that Aikido could be modernized without turning it into a sport. For example, in the case of zazen or iai, you can’t talk about winners and losers. In Aikido, one can proceed at his own pace, thus, it is equivalent to a “moving zen.” You can’t talk about who is first or who is second in these things. If anything, those who train religiously are the best… ”

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