Masatoshi Yasuno Shihan – 50th All Japan Aikido Demo (2012)

This is a well-done demonstration by Masatoshi Yasuno one of the leading students of Seigo Yamaguchi, 8th dan. He is also a contemporary of Christian Tissier Sensei of France. Yasuno Sensei’s demonstration is a fascinating study of blending in some unusual ways. He executes throws in a truly unique manner. An excellent study!


  1. wan jones says:

    He does the same technique–looks like some type of irimi nage–often. Like others who try to copy or emulate Yamaguchi Sensei, they look like puppets, and their techniques lack kime. In other words, their techniques look weak and lack a martial basis.

    • Cora Roever says:

      Yasuno Sensei is an excellent Aikido man. His aikido is totally different from Yamaguchi Sensei and in no way does he resemble a puppet. As for being weak, from experience I can say that when Yasuno sensei throws you, you had better be good at ukemi, because he doesn’t pull his punches.

      It’s a shame that people are so quick to disparage others, not really knowing what it is they are seeing.

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