Survey: Your Top 7 choices for Safeguarding Your Life in a Dangerous World

Please choose your top seven priorities for safeguarding your life and well-being from among the choices below:

  • Study aikido
  • Enroll in a Krav Maga school
  • Normalize your body weight
  • Study Brazilian jujutsu
  • Drive safely
  • Train in mixed martial arts
  • Eliminate personal debt
  • Learn knife defenses
  • Avoid bars
  • Practice Thai kickboxing
  • Save 10 percent of your income
  • Wean yourself from medications
  • Participate in full-contact fighting training
  • Avoid crime-ridden parts of town
  • Eat a sensible diet
  • Learn ninjutsu
  • Don’t smoke or drink
  • Take up boxing
  • Behave courteously
  • Practice yoga
  • Study fencing
  • Avoid police encounters
  • Train for UFC competition
  • Study actuarial science

Feel free to submit additional choices as comments


  1. aspen apGaia says:

    1. Be courteous & respectful, 2. Practice mindfulness, 3. Train Aikido, 4. Stay out of debt, 5. Learn to grow food, 6. Leave the U$A, & 7. Create & maintain networks of connections with others with similar values.

    • Very interesting!

    • Ronin Do says:

      面白い !!!! 1 suggestion…REVOLUTIONIZE humanity to get back to hand-feet and close quarter weapons…even bow and arrow…but not this bullet ridden society!!!!

    • 8. Learn how to spear fish 😉

      Paradise lost. You can leave the US, but you won’t be able to leave behind what really limits YOU.
      All your other points I fulheartedly agree on.

      Greetings from Austria!

  2. Jamie Gauld says:

    Dont drink or smoke, study Aikido, trying to learn to meditate, excercise,
    Study bushido and follow the 7 tenets, try to improve my life, help others.

  3. Choose to spend quality time learning about yourself daily, and of what makes you happy
    Choose to remain in top physical condition, with good nutrition and positive habits a priority
    Choose to learn more about your world, and how to better blend with its awesome forces
    Choose better friends, smarter peers, and interesting strangers, to teach and to learn from
    Choose to cultivate daily habits of positive thinking, and of achieving positive results
    Choose to focus on learning new things daily, and to take prudent risks without fear of losing
    Choose to reinforce established values and habits, culling the bad ones, and displaying the good ones

  4. When I was in Japan learning aikido, a Russian guy joined our dojo. After high school he had served in the Soviet military as a paratrooper. All of us were quite impressed, saying, “Wow, we are training in martial arts with a paratrooper! It will be great to get a real military man’s perspective on this stuff!”

    But he shook his head and laughed. “As a paratrooper, you drop in behind enemy lines, where people are trying to kill you. The majority of my training was learning how to run away!”

  5. Clean your spirit from the 6 poisons (desire, anger, attachment, pride, jealousy, envy)
    Develop human values
    Develop a spirit of oneness.

    “Your spirit is the true shield.” – O´Sensei

  6. drive carefully, eat healthy (weight control). sleep well (7-8 hours/24), moderate exercise (muscle tone & weight control), courtesy and awareness are the best self-defense. the typical police armory is second best if things get bad. if studying aikido helps you to keep your priorities straight, wonderful!

  7. Sean Bledsoe says:

    Ii depends on your environment. In the U.S. the number one killer is obesity, so choosing food carefully and avoiding the use of a car might be good steps.

  8. Here is what the statistics say.

    Men, choose your friends carefully they are your most likely assailants.
    Women, choose your partner carefully as he (or she) is your most likely your assailant.
    Older people, remove your coffee table – it is your most likely assailant.
    Avoid lower socio economic environments, especially when mixed with alcohol and other drugs.
    Stay active as long as you can (use or lose it is absolutely true).
    Get a hobby that floats your boat, mental engagement and fulfilment is a key to long life.
    Drop some pounds if you have too many.

    Happily, doing Aikido directly and indirectly ticks many of the above

    Finally, beware of out-of-context statistics, e.g. in Australia Lawn Bowls is probably our most most dangerous sport, with more fatalities than any other 😉

  9. Toni Rodrigues says:

    1. Stop thinking about things you should be doing to have a healthy life and start doing them.
    (This includes most of the things listed above).
    2. Avoid doing things that you usually do and feel bad because you did them (is this clear in english?Sorry, not my native language).
    3. Learn to forgive.

  10. Alberto Vázquez says:

    In my case I guess be patient and relaxing guy and above all this “respect who deserves respect” and for the last “continue training aikido”.

  11. Alberto Vázquez says:

    Well acording with all expressed above all, for me would be: 1) study aikido 2) Dirve safely 3) behave courteosly with people.

  12. Learn knowledge of human nature
    behave courteously, kind and helpful
    practice the three filter test of Socrates when speaking: truth, goodness and usefullness,
    eat normally and stop before being fully satisfied
    do daily physical exercise
    study Aikido
    take daily a time just for you for thinking or meditation
    drive safely

  13. Simple Abbreviations to make our life productive and maintain health and longevity:

    B-Breathing (any discipline most comfortable suits to your needs such as Qigong,Tai Chi ,Ki breathing etc.

    M-Meditation (needs to be studied Individually)




  14. Daryl M. says:

    • Behave courteously
    • Normalize your body weight
    • Save 10 percent of your income
    • Drive safely
    • Eat a sensible diet
    • Study aikido
    • Avoid crime-ridden parts of town

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