“Nishio Aikido: Yasuhiko Takemori teaching in Berlin,” by Thomas Huffman

I stumbled onto this video of Yasuhiko Takemori Sensei teaching a seminar in Berlin. Takemori Sensei was one of Nishio Sensei’s top students. He taught at the Fukaya Dojo. about 6 stops from Yokohama on the line going to Yamato and past Atsugi NAF. Nishio Sensei taught there on Thursday nights and Takemori taught on Sunday nights.

Takemori Sensei would follow Nishio Sensei around too, so I practiced a lot with him. When the Fukaya Dojo closed, we moved to the Okamoto Dojo (can’t tell you where it was anymore, I forget). When I left Japan Takemori Sensei gave me 5 boken and 5 jo donated by the Okamoto Dojo for starting a dojo. You still see me with those bokken and jo.

When Nishio Sensei traveled abroad, there were others teaching while he was gone. They were all Nishio Style, but a little different. Takemori Sensei was the most consistent and faithful to Nishio Sensei’s techniques. When you watch him you are pretty much watching Nishio Sensei.

Check this out, it’s about 45 minutes long.

Shoji Nishio’s “Yurusu Budo” — the only book he ever published — is available in downloadable format here


  1. I wrote all that and it was true, however the put down that Takemori Sensei is demonstrating in the picture that is showing in the video, I can’t remember Nishio Sensei ever doing that. That said, he spent lots, lots more time with Nishio Sensei than I ever had the pleasure of.

    I hope none of Nishio Sensei’s senior students see my comment and take offense. Everybody was good, I just observed that Takemori Sensei had all the nuances in the same places.

    Another thing. You cannot watch these videos and have any idea of all the nuances that are happening within uke’s body and think you can really learn by just watching. You need to feel these techniques from within and it still may take 10+ years to really “get it”. I know! I’m still figuring things out. That’s part of the excitement when there is a new realization. So much of Nishio Sensei’s techniques use incredibly precise movement. Something I observe often is how much slop people allow in their movements, which is often why they have troubles getting an honest uke down. Uke’s need to be honest about taking falls or you are just wasting your time.

  2. Tom Baldowski says:

    Dear Huffman Sensei,

    There are several of Shoji Nishio sensei’s direct students who remainded faithful to the Nishio style. A very good example would be Koji Yoshida shihan (studied under Shoji Nishio for some 34 years), practicing and spreading Nishio Budo across Japan and Europe through his Yufukan aikido association (Yoshida’s student, Takashi Kuroki, is also very proficient). Worth mentioning is also Ishiro Shishiya shihan, another direct student of Shoji Nishio sensei – every year he holds aikido seminars in several European countries. Check them out.

  3. Brett Jackson says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful video.

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