Las Vegas Seminar Update: “Exploring Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei’s Aikido”

“Some have even referred to the event as ‘Mini Aiki Expo’!”

Several high-ranking yudansha and instructors have signed up so far for the seminar to be conducted by Stanley Pranin from October 5-7th in Las Vegas. This unusual aikido event will be held in a private dojo setting and is limited to 15 participants. Some have even referred to the seminar as a “Mini Aiki Expo!” As of this writing, only 4 spots are left.

Many revere the art of Morihei Ueshiba and consider him the pinnacle of attainment, but would be hard-pressed to describe the specifics of what he did to make his aikido so special. For example, Koichi Tohei, 10th dan and one of the Founder’s most famous students stated repeatedly, “The main difference I saw in the Founder’s aikido compared to others was that he was relaxed.” What does that mean anyway? In our training, do we find that our seniors and instructors are “relaxed” when they execute techniques? Or do they resort to physical force when the technique does work smoothly?

In order to shed some light on these fascinating subjects, the event will explore key aspects of the aikido of Founder Morihei Ueshiba and suggest reasons why much of O-Sensei’s art has not found its way into modern aikido. These are facets of his art that are there right before our eyes, but that are hardly ever noticed or discussed. Specific techniques will be analyzed in detail to illustrate important principles of Morihei”s art.

Participants at the event may find certain long-held assumptions about Morihei’s aikido are challenged, and that the Founder’s approach offers many profound insights that will sharpen their understanding of the art.

Complete information about the Las Vegas seminar is available here.


  1. Force is available, if you have it and need it. Ideally you’ll have it and never need it.

  2. Kelly Purdue says:

    Relax is the gateway to that Aiki body that is behind what practicing the techniques are all about. We are caught in a trap, thinking that the technique is the end result, but in reality it is all about Uke and how he receives the technique that leads us to O Sensei’s Aikido.” The purpose of Aikido is for Uke to learn to soften and open the joints of the body” (paraphrase)

    Not enough of us (myself included) look to the technique in this manner, as a result most are Aiki doers. After 18 years of practice I ran into this dichotomy of people talk relax but when stressed fall back into muscle power to overcome the situation. Thank goodness I found help in reinventing my practice with relax as a true goal.

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