HD Trailer: Aikido — “The Ascent to Beauty” featuring Seishiro Endo and Christian Tissier

This film documentary is a beautiful documentary in high definition featuring Seishiro Endo Sensei and Christian Tissier Sensei. There are some fascinating randori scenes in slow motion. The production values are very high and English subtitles are included. It was directed by Manuel Radons.


  1. This DVD seems to have never been made. Too bad because I would love to buy a copy of it. Endo sensei has a voice and calm way about him that stays with you. He always adds interesting thoughts and comments to his class. He provokes you to think deep about things like the meaning of freedom or at another time asking “what do we mean when we use the word “just” as in” we just do this” or” just move like that”. One of the most interesting people in Aikido.

  2. Hung Pham says:

    I would love to buy another copy of this DVD too. I know about Endo sensei through this trailer on Facebook. Really impressed me with the way he moves.

  3. Skywalker says:

    Is there any possible release date for this DVD?

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