Aiki Expo 2005: Free Video of Highlights of Seminars of Top Martial Arts Instructors

This video features highlights from seminars given at Aiki Expo 2005 by the following instructors from aikido and related arts: Christian Tissier, Hiroshi Ikeda, Vladimir Vasiliev, Kenji Ushiro, Bruce Bookman, James Williams, Toby Threadgill.

On May 27-29, 2005, one of the most significant martial arts events of our time was held in Los Angeles, California. Aiki Expo 2005 featured a stellar lineup of 36 top instructors from aikido, Daito-ryu aikijujutsu, traditional karate, Russian Systema, and several classical Japanese martial arts. Over 500 practitioners were in attendance for this memorable weekend. All practitioners of these and other arts will find a treasure trove of valuable material in these seminars captured live on video.

Watch this free video of Aiki Expo 2005 here

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