“Ki and The Cloud,” by Nev Sagiba

“Your thoughts precede you, ki leads, so be careful what you ask for.”

Do you hog data on your server and spend on more space and backup drives? Or do you run risks “out there” in “the cloud” where you could lose it all to malicious threats, accidents, a major virus or a crash?

Which is really more lasting and secure?

Today many of us are daily confronted with such choices. Does all this internet stuff resonate sympathetically with life itself? With money for example, how much to invest, how much to spend and how much to hold on to as it loses value daily?

How much is truly essential data and how much merely junk you are attached to?

Some of the most sophisticated systems can retrieve complete data from fragments. But they have to be the right fragments. How can this be? It appears to make no sense.

What are these key fragments?

What is the balance? Is the universe and nature similar?

The internet and computer servers are another analogy that reflects the universe. Nothing in the universe can depart from being bound to reflect attributes of its completeness.

What is the bridge that links us individually and collectively to the universe?

In navigating a balance, security is everything. Loss of information is kindred to dementia with the attendant loss of function.

Can you afford it? Where does nature keep the stored reference material? Undoubtedly in our genes but also in our predispositions, memes, sanskaras… call them what you will, these are habits of repetitive doing.

If so what can you “take with you” after that final breath certain to us all?

On Earth we don’t live in a vacuum. Time, gravity and opposites interplay constantly. Life’s journey is an opportunity, but it can also be a roller coaster. Even a storm.

In life as a sentient intelligence, depending on what we think and do, we unfurl some or many of a vast array of qualities and tendencies.

What happens to these subtle nuances of universal expression? Do they just dissolve? Do they travel? Do they keep coming back to unfold some more?

Nature’s great law: “Use it or lose it,” comes into play here. Our 4.6 billion year evolution solid as it appears is also fragile. Our life supporting systems exist in an operating system still in the making on a thin biosphere which is relatively recent.

Paleontologists have found that before our life bearing evolutions began, when the planet was preparing the foundations of life here millions of years were spent in developments of variables of patterns. These were then discarded following which another development commenced and then went through all the stages to beta but was discarded again. Those following advancing almost to production stage crashing with repeated mass extinctions. It appears the planet is still working towards a production model albeit we are currently right now in the midst of a global mass extinction this time propagated by humans. No, this is not a fiction story. Do the homework. Find out the frightening figures as to how many species are right now being lost forever mostly at the hand of man.

Nil desperandum, although they are disasters at the time they happen, mass extinctions have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on earth. Much akin to the very hard core valuable lessons one learns each time experiencing computer crash.

In the universe and on Earth the tenuous and the sustaining appear to exist side by side.

By making good things a habit while we still can, we add value to that which can arise from such habits. Postponing too is a habit and a dangerous enemy unless deliberately and strategically deployed in favour of a better option. Opportunity seldom knocks with too frequent regularity. Do not defer till the evening what the morning may accomplish.

Invest in the future, yours and the world which is our life support system. Futures investments have little or nothing to do with money. Money too will one day be extinct. It is merely a learning tool and on observing its misuse, not much appears to be being learnt right now.

In about 5 billion years the sun will cool and probably explode. Why are some panicking? What are we doing to prepare for this event?

Will intelligence in some form continue? Does anyone really believe that it requires a monkey organism? Indeed did intelligence ever go anywhere it was not already?

Most people do not practice Aikido in order to “win the next fight.” It may or it may not serve in this manner. Certainly it will increase your chances of surviving an assault.

So why do people with dedicated regularity impose a softened version of this ancient combat survival method upon themselves when they could just as easily stay home, eat pizza, watch tv with a beer. Probably because they’ve seen how those who do, over time finish up. And perhaps they feel inspired by those who have embraced the budo of Aikido lifestyle.

Sometimes when planting a tree we know that we cannot possibly live long enough to watch it bear fruit, nor to eat its fruit. But future generations, if that tree survives, will.

No-one can prove conclusively one way or the other whether we will find ourselves among those future generations. But since science also demonstrates that neither energy nor matter can truly be extinguished, the chances are that it is likely to be as you think it will be. Your thoughts precede you, ki leads, so be careful what you ask for.

What is it in so training we are fortifying?

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”

― Ludwig van Beethoven

Nev Sagiba


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