“Subtle Energy Synchrony/ Meditation, ChiGung, Budo,” by Nick Lowry

“Over time we develop greater and greater ease in
dealing with what once was simply overwhelming.”

If you have a lot of pendulums swinging in a room, over a short period of time they all tend to entrain toward synchrony with the largest one. This works with people’s subtle emotional and energetic qualities as well. Folks tend to get in synchrony with the person who has the strongest energetic and emotive field. With this in mind, it behooves us to learn some good hygiene for the care and maintenance our personal energetics.

Learning to get grounded and centered with meditation (both standing and walking forms); to recharge your energy and fill your body and your aura with high energy through practices such as chi gung or kriya yoga (particularly something that includes both movement, visualization and sound or chanting), and to move from a fully embodied sense of steady free flowing confidence as we do with budo training (here we need efficient methods involving sweat and motion and including work from all ranges and including weapons work); these methods all go a long way toward developing this subtle quality. Plow the field and plant the seeds—slow and steady does the deed.

Over time we develop greater and greater ease in dealing with what once was simply overwhelming. We find we are no longer dominated by the energy fields of others, and now we find the capacity to choose to enter synchrony or not, as fits our needs, and we grow into energetically autonomous beings. More and more often we find that the dominant energetic field in the room is our own. But we also learn to be responsible, to fine tune our resonance so as to not overwhelm those around us. No point in being an energetic bully, more rewarding to help other people turn on to their own autonomy and empowerment.

On an inner level, getting unstuck from the dominating energy fields in your life, finding your liberation with regard to even having a choice—can be a strong wake up call. Most often this subtle stuff just works on us—shapes our very sense of what choices we have; conditions our perceptions of our world, and of both self an others—but when the baggage finally falls away its like the bottom breaking out of a bucket—empty and clear all the way through.

Centered, grounded, alive with full body presence under the multitude of bodily conditions, and in all sorts of actions large and small, unstuck and free flowing, we find a true sense of our own deep awakened nature, and whether we turn on to this suddenly, or more gradually over time, its like the whole world wakes up with us.

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  1. What part does posture play, through self-realization of physical geometric stances, in becoming aware of various energetic, projective & balance attributes possibilities?

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