New Ebook: “Takemusu Aiki – Koshinage” by Morihiro Saito Now on Sale!

“A rare technical manual by Morihiro Saito, the most complete treatise ever compiled on “Koshinage,” aikido’s hip throws, is yours for download within minutes!”

This ebook consists of a rare technical manual originally published in 1981 containing a detailed treatise on the koshinage techniques of aikido. A total of 26 koshinage–hip-throw techniques–are presented with sequential photos accompanied by both English and Japanese explanations. This volume is the most complete compendium available on this portion of the aikido curriculum by one of the art’s most famous masters.

At the time of the publication of “Takemusu Aiki: Koshinage,” Saito Sensei was 50 years old and in his physical prime. His mastery of technique and ability to organize and explain aikido’s vast curriculum are legendary. Saito Sensei’s skills and great attention to detail will be readily apparent to readers of this volume.

This manual is based on photos taken in the late 1970s inside the Iwama Dojo that record many aikido techniques, both basic and advanced. All together, two manuals were published, this one on koshinage, and an earlier volume presenting numerous techniques from katatedori grabs. The preparation of these manuals took the form of Saito Sensei tape-recording explanations for the respective techniques while viewing photo layouts. From this, a Japanese text version was created which was then translated into English.

We are pleased to offer this precious training manual, “Takemusu Aiki: Koshinage,” in ebook form for the first time. Readers will be able to download their PDF file within minutes of their purchase. The digital format allows us to offer the ebook at the affordable price of only $3.99. No more paying for shipping, no more customs charges, or lost packages, no more waiting! You can view the PDF book on your mobile device for portability and convenience. Act now and boost your skills!

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