Listen to O-Sensei’s actual voice: “After contests, you have a bad feeling whether you win or lose.”

“I engaged in contests… Afterwards, resentment always remains.
Then, you have a bad feeling, whether you win or lose.”

This video contains a fascinating interview of the Founder conducted about 1962 during which he is questioned about aikido. As was his custom, many of the Founder’s comments reflect his spiritual views and mention Japanese kami. This recording affords a rare chance to gain an intimate glimpse of the Founder’s warmth and personality.

You will hear the actual voice of Morihei Ueshiba as he talks about the circumstances of his birth, his daily routine, his enlightenment, his views of competition and war, his principle of non-resistance, and other subjects.

Morihei Ueshiba is the founder of aikido and was born in 1883. As a young man, he practiced a number of martial arts. Of these, the Daito-ryu jujutsu he learned from Sokaku Takeda was particularly important. Ueshiba was a very religious man and considered Onisaburo Deguchi, the co-founder of the Omoto religion, as his spiritual master. Morihei retired to the seclusion of the countryside during World War II, and continued to perfect his aikido. He was active spreading the art he created until shortly before his passing in 1969.

Excerpts from the interview:

When I entered the army I found little truth/sincerity. The goal is to always be victorious. The principle is to win at all costs. You must win the war, you cannot lose. Of course, it must be that way. The spirit of honor is the soldier’s spirit. Honor is a concept such that, if you have even a few enemies, you must kill many. This becomes a meritorious deed. Because of this everything leads to conflict…

English subtitles provided. A series of beautiful close-up photos of the Founder serve as the backdrop for the interview.

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