How I saved my back: “My favorite yoga workout,” by Stanley Pranin

I wanted to share this excellent 30-minute yoga routine by Valerie Goodman of YogaRevelation. She is an excellent teacher and has an inspiring story of how she began yoga practice. This is a beginning-level routine, and gentle, yet thorough. I usually do this practice a couple of times a week in addition to my other yoga workouts. Enjoy!


On several occasions I have written of my struggles over the years with chronic back pain. At one point, I had nearly given up on overcoming my condition, and was resigned to living in constant pain. Then, about three years ago I began practicing yoga, and slowly things started to get better.

My flexibility, which was already pretty good because of decades of aikido training, began to improve almost immediately. I was pushing myself pretty hard in the beginning, but had to back off because I need to give my back more rest since the yoga sessions were fairly intense. After about a year, I noticed a real transformation had taken place. I was not completely free of pain, but the frequency and intensity of my discomfort had greatly diminished.

Click here to view the 30-minute yoga workout video

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