“Off to Paris in June,” by Stanley Pranin

I have been invited to give a lecture in Paris the third weekend of June by ChristianTissier Sensei. I have prepared an essay titled “How War and Religion Shaped Modern Aikido” as the subject of my presentation on this occasion. Since the audience will consist of French speakers, I will be giving my lecture in French.

I have just completed the English text and would like to invite two French translators to take on the task of translating the text, each doing one half of the work, about 6-8 pages. I would be happy to work out an arrangement with each translator for compensation for the work.

If you are a native French speaker experienced in translation, knowledgeable about aikido, and would be interested in doing this work, please contact me here.

I will publish the English version of this essay on Aikido Journal after the event.

Thank you very much for your assistance.

Stan Pranin

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