“Another Yoga miracle story!,” by Stanley Pranin

Readers may remember I wrote a blog last year about my experience with yoga and how it has allowed me to manage chronic back pain and continue my aikido training at a reasonably vigorous level. I even recorded a video where I demonstrate how I have modified my aikido warmups to include yoga postures. It’s really become a mainstay of my aikido practice.

Today, a buddy of mine sent me a link to a video about a veteran who has gone from being obese and disabled to a healthy physical specimen. It’s one of the most inspiring videos I’ve even seen, and I wanted to share it with you!


  1. Wow……………what else can I say as I sit looking for yet more articles on back pain with the nagging fear residing in my mind that me and aikido will never get on and the feeling that I cannot do it properly and the thought that I shouldnt be doing it with a bad bad :( its hard. Its one interest Id love to get more i tto but I seem to have a love hate relationship with it….

    All that negativity and melancholy….

    I recently had a few weeks off aikido because I thought to continue to do something I KNOW hurts my back was completely idiotic, So I went into a sulk and quit. Theres a guy I met last year in Japan, at the aiki shrine festival…he lives and trains there….and he is from north west england, same as me and originally came from here in cumbria….well he is visiting this march and wants to come and train with me at my club…due to this I felt obliged to go back and somehow prepare and gain some confidence in my ability and confidence that my body can do it…I look forward to meeting him again and I hope I can take part in the class when he arrives. Due to the back pain, Ive been afraid of ukemi since I started aikido a few years ago… I’ve started and quit a few times now and only just got back after missing almost all of last year….ukemi is a major problem, I’ve done it, I know that but when I try, if I get hurt it just makes es me tense up and hurt and puts me off wanting to practice it anymore…..if i have a mental block on it and really dont want to do it……this puts me in a tough position at practice, as people progress, I just tread water.

    Back pain is ruining my life and has done for the past 12 years..I wish I knew what to do to ease this issue. It makes me sad, angry, frustrated, short tempered and I don’t like it.

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