“The Immutable Thread,” by Nev Sagiba

“Violence requires the idea of separation in order to exist.”

Aikido is not a mushy art, or a way to fight and aggress, or defeat enemies. Or to manufacture enemies where none needed to exist because of pride, hubris, arrogance and stupidity. Or the disease of lack based belief systems which drive thieving. Nor is it a way to dominate or control others or to impose, infringe, steal, cheat or bastardize anything at all.

Aikido is Kannagara no Michi expressed through the Hito Jinja. That’s all Aikido is. The immutable thread of balancing power indwelling throughout Eternity that reconciles all things back to creation and the harmony that sustains it.

Everything is on loan from that source and to it must inevitably and unstoppably return. Resistance is futile. Prolonged resistance the height of folly and the cause of all suffering.

Destruction as temporary as itself. As are manufactured, forced agendas. Nothing exists which is not subject to creation, which in turn is subject to pure harmony. No being exists who is above the law or can have a dispensation to break the Supreme Law of Harmony save by being subject to the laws of creation itself. The Laws of Creation and Harmony. Everything has a price and consequences that arise from action.

The most secret and esoteric teaching in the universe cannot rise above this, as it is.

There is a common understanding in the universe. A current and a thread that runs though all things. It is soft, subtle and true. There are no mysteries higher.

All life knows it. Including those that don’t know they know it.

All the esoteric mumbo jumbo in the world, “teachings” that are merely words and concepts, interesting calculations much like astrology, and other methods, are but loose guidelines based on the experience of others. All experience is good and so is learning from that of others; but in the end you will need to get your own unique perspective through your own unique experience, and draw your own unique conclusions. These too will change over time.

What works well for one person may not be suitable for another.

Much like Budo practice, neither knowledge nor wisdom is a rubber stamp or formulaic method which can be simply copied. Rather it is malleable and alters, if only by nuances, as the universe itself confabulates each microsecond day by day by the minute and only you can make the choices that will enable you to navigate your own unique trajectory through existence.

As Morihei Ueshiba stated, “Each moment is new! Adapt!” The bulk of both survival and thriving is found in the stress of IMPROVISATION!

If not, you are not living, but merely going around in somnambulistic habituated circles going nowhere hypnotized by the head-spin.

What Not To Do

If you have an ounce of living brain matter, your best teachers are people who do things wrong.

You can learn from them by observing. And then not repeating their errors!

So cross train and exercise simple common sense. You will fast learn what not to do.

There is a caveat however. You must be training regularly and always drawing your own conclusions.

Mastery Is Keeping It Simple

We as a species tend to complicate things unnecessarily. In so doing we entangle ourselves in endless mazes that go nowhere.

Simplicity is the key to understanding complexity.

To all things there is a centre. It is a simple dot.

All the complexity in the universe has come from nuances and variables of simple principles.

Origins are a unit with opposing polarities. The whole of existence operates from that simple principle.

After that its just details; and details change whilst staying the same, variables on a theme. And I’m told that’s where you’ll find the devil!

The simple kihon are not “the Aikido techniques.” They are the keys that can unlock Aikido potentials if properly used. Otherwise, they become a neglected signpost to hang on to rather than an indicator of possibilities.

To understand the apparently complex, we must first understand the simple. The simple will unlock understanding.

Therefore, practice basics with a conscious mind noticing.

Mind States – Correct Discernment, The Primary Weapon.

Incisive mind is the primary weapon. BELIEF DOES NOT CONSTITUTE EVIDENCE!!

Just like the WMD, belief is no cause for war, and then bringing in your own WMD out of fear and becoming the very problem that in fact does not exist, is criminal activity driven by fear, ignorance and greed the Buddha spoke of as being the cause of all suffering. He must have noticed!

We as humans are a flawed species. We are not lucid and clear. Lucidity and precision are goals to work towards.

We seldom see things as they really are. Resultantly, we mostly tend to react inappropriately and compound problems which often do not even exist. Untidy mind, emotional thinking and predictable irrationality form much of the current human motivation. It is toxic in result. Look at the condition of our home, planet earth.

Drawing conclusions based on unclear logic or circumstantial evidence may or may not be correct. More is needed.

An attack is only real when it has happened; when it has started on its way into its trajectory.

Interception is the purest true defence.

On this basis Aikido forms a moral compass.

The ancient wise ones having discovered this mystery of navigating the universe without contention or the use of force would say things such as,

“Take the striving out of it,”
“Let go of attachment,”
“Do not cling to results,”
“The journey is the destination,”
“Resist not evil,”
“Detach from results,”
“Do the action for its own sake, let go of desire for the fruit of the action..”

And so on.

But did they provide tools for attaining a working understanding?

Aikido provides one Way to acquire these tools which may then be applied in all attributes of life.

The Language of (ki no ) Musubi

Violence requires the idea of separation in order to exist.

In violence to do bad things to “them” as opposed to “us,” and this more badly, strongly, evilly ‘cos we’re the meanest sons-of-bitches in the valley… seems to have been the formula for a considerable span of time.

As we can all see, it does not work. It adds to inefficiency, energy debt and immense and unrecoverable losses.

Aiki has a different paradigm. No “them” exist. It is all “us” and knowing this, understands that it will return multiplied. In the universe everything has a price and it was not the banks who invented compounding interest. In nature the debt multiplies until you irretrievably learn the fundamental lessons of existence or stubbornly resist and make the choice to be destroyed. Every jot and tittle, every atom and microparticle is accounted for. The universe is ruthless in this regard. The primary law of existence is a simple one: ‘Get it right or die.’ Extinction is the lot of those who refuse to adapt.

Once you generate an idea inside yourself, it takes root there first. It then starts to charge and this with compounding interest until the lesson is learned. Usually by beating our heads repeatedly and in futility on the rock of stupid behaviors.

The primary principle of aikido is position. Real estate, if you will. Position of safety is everything because it minimizes effort and “doing” and maximizes efficiency. “Doing something to someone,” irrelevant and a toxic waste of energy. Maintaining the best, in-the-moment position will save your life and that of future generations.

From position you identify your innate connectedness and lovingly ALLOW the other to discover the destination of their chosen trajectory, but do not join them into a fall.

Instead you use this to study your own dark side.

You become a WITNESS to events and this with clarity all the while positioning yourself and re-positioning yourself as required.

You may SHARE the experience with detachment, thereby gaining additional experience which augments even more empathy.

When young you want and strive for that Zen detachment, but after years of training it’s there and happens anyway despite your imperfections. You realise that nobody is all good or all bad, including oneself. You continue to correct yourself.

The language of musubi has its grammar in the practical principles of maai, deai, kuzushi as well as technical aspects such as atemi, atari, kumi, tori and so forth.

The analogy of a battleship that cannot both scan with radar and fire at the same time is relevant also in all things. First, you have to notice with clarity what is available. Otherwise you will wastefully deplete your resources blindly.

True responsibility and the assuming of it requires the skill of being able to respond appropriately. This is a path without end and eternal refinement.

Noticing, zanshin, is also ki as well as the bulk of the experience. Emptiness is true fullness in that it allows what is to be and moves naturally only when required.

Once you master many principles and can utilize them with relative ease as working tools, comes the ultimate testing. How will your intention be guided? By heart? Or by fixated ideas? For good? Or for evil?

With power comes not only responsibility, but also consequences. These must be at all times measured wisely because it is not a theory that all things are indeed connected.

There is one force in the universes expressing in infinite ways. You are bound, bonded, tied and connected irretrievably, even when you may think you are not.

There is immense value in this understanding.

To Care Nurture and Protect

Some groups and cultures implode because of extreme symbiotic codependency and lack of sufficient individual integrity.

Other groups and cultures lacking in true culture, fragment from too much individualism and neglect of necessary contributions to supporting infrastructure, and in frenzies of self-serving bring about their own downfall.

Either extreme corrodes.

Organic life forms contain BOTH predispositions reconciled in living function. Cells are individual. AND YET THEY SERVE THE INTEGRITY OF THE WHOLE! Otherwise, you die.

This principle is universal and replicates in the sub-atomic realm, and with atoms, molecules, cells, all forms mineral, vegetable animal and more, through planets galaxies, island universe and beyond the quasars.

In all things, there exist also boundaries. These have their protectors. In the organic body, the T cells are the determinative protective warriors. Ancient beliefs tell of guardian deities. The various layers surrounding our planet’s biosphere, as they combine, serve as a ring-pass-not that enables life as we know it. The list is endless. All existing things adhere to this universal principle.

We necessarily replicate this for example when travelling, such as with customs. The entire security infrastructures, most unseen, that exist to protect any given society are simply extension of a principle which is universal.

I say this. Get the best of both worlds reconciled in the heart of AIKI. Go for it. Be as individual as you know how.



This then is why, in his immense clarity, Morihei Ueshiba had the realisation that, “True Budo is Love, the care nurturing and protection of all life…”, and why at least some modicum of warrior training is essential to understand this principle of protective integrity at work, and to apply it in daily life with respect and consideration, not of some others, but of all others, no matter how challenging the circumstance.

Hence Aikido, the way of harmonising intention, action and relationship with all existence.

Keep training, in the course of due season the fruit will ripen.

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