2012 San Francisco Aikido Project featuring Christian Tissier, Bruce Bookman, and James Friedman

“Welcome to the San Francisco Aikido Project”

Thank you for coming to the San Francisco Aikido Project web site. May 2-6, 2012 will be the dates for our international Aikido summer camp. Our guest this year will be: Christian Tissier Sensei 7dan, from Paris, France and Bruce Bookman Sensei, Tenzan Aikido Kai-cho from Seattle. The seminar is hosted by James Friedman Sensei. The seminar will be held at Suginami Aikikai San Francisco, California. Aikidoists of all styles are welcome.


  1. I have personally known and trained with these three first class teachers and men of Budo for many years.

    They each share the incredible results of, not only their respective training, not only for the significance of their abilities to teach at all levels, from beginner to advanced, and not only the rare gift of treating each encounter as a one on one training event beneficial to the student and themselves. Senseis Bookman, Friedman and Tissier also unashamedly demonstrate their love for Aikido, by showing up each time, even better prepared, motivated, and more polished than before.

    The other Teachers are first rate in their own regard, but I have not had the privilege yet of personally training with them, although I have observed their fine technique and professionalism.

    By all means, make it a priority to attend, even to observe, this rare annual event. You owe it to yourself.

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