“Clearing the Cache – What’s Really There Right Now,” by Nev Sagiba

“Clarity has been sought after from time immemorial by warriors seeking exemption from defeat…”

Most people live, survive and fight from memory. That’s why they lose.

Wars of aggression initiated for whatever purpose and under whatever pretext arise from outdated information simmering in diseased minds constipated with distorted concepts.

Herein lies the conundrum of human aggression. The browser is not receiving current information, as it exists, in the moment.

The universe and its evolution has been labouring for 15 billion years, and the best we can come up with is cardboard hamburgers, masses of fat ignorant nose picking bogans incessantly addicted to buying stuff they don’t need without even knowing why they are doing it, pollution and governments that rely on theft following mass murder? What will they do when they run out of victims? Turn on their own?

If that’s the case, we have no destiny as a species. Perhaps a black hole.

Simulating what cancer does is no formula for a sustainable and happy humanity.

Apparently in the mists of a long ago superstitious “time,” some cosmic nutter calling himself “the lord” went on a spree and decided to use recombinant chimp genes to produce a species whose behaviours resemble that of aggressive baboons. These unwanted swarms then acquired technology as could wrought such destructivity as to replicate the asteroid belt.

Sadly this is not a fiction story.

OK so how can we fix this caching of outdated data, an illness that leads our individual and collective behavours and consent to behaviours that if not riddled with impropriety are often criminal?

Nothing to do with you? Continue to bury your head in a warm, dark smelly place, then. Most people, however are not flexible enough, and the changeableness of existence will continue to buffet them around each time they miss what they should have noticed!

For those who care, what can we do to cure this illness of the soul and mind?

What would you give to see things lucidly, as they actually are, instead of tainted by various pollutants and deceptions?

I don’t have all the answers, but this much I know: Any practice that requires you to align with clarity in the moment, assists in the direction of un-brainwashing the mind of toxins and deception, whether imposed or self generated.

At the moment just before death, so I’m told, everyone will experience a moment of absolute clarity. In our current state, it is most usually followed by regret. So I’m told. I have not been able to get an interview to verify this.

When there is an emergency or extreme deadly circumstance, almost anyone will experience almost absolute clarity as well.

This clarity of mind has been given many labels. Sadly, reciting labels will not clear the mind, only clutter it further. Clarity has been sought after from time immemorial by warriors seeking exemption from defeat as well wise ones wanting better life navigation skills.

How can you get this clarity earlier in life and thereby mitigate the errors that lead to so much regret later, at noticing a wasted incarnation?

How can you do this without having to subjugate yourself to such high risk that may preclude profiting from the experience of lucidity?

Perhaps in small, manageable, regular increments of any practice that adds to your clarity, without too high extreme risk.

Just maybe…

Meanwhile practice on your browser, clear the cache and get what’s really there now. Not yesterday’s data.

There’s always the dojo for those who are prepared to actually move.

“At every moment the universe is made new…” Morihei Ueshiba


  1. Thanks, wise words of O Sensei

    This morning I did a beautiful walk on the beach, the sea was transparent on the shore, green a bit farer and dark blue where it is deep, there was just one great cloud first over the dunes, but as I followed my way over the sea reflecting in it. Maybe acting as we should do some of the people surrounding us will reflect our actions like the cloud in the sea…

  2. Yes agreed.

    If we use OODA – Observe Orient Decide Act – as a strategic flow, we can suggest that Orienting and Deciding what to do can be considered our cache based on past experienced. If it is based on content only than we may commit to the wrong tactical response for the moment. However, If we upgrade the cache, not just clear/delete it, to process/strategy, then perhaps we have a chance at observing the reality of the moment and responding (not reacting) efficiently, effectively, and appropirately.


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