Memorial Service for Carla Simmons, co-founder of Hikari Dojo

Much beloved Carla Simmons, 3rd Dan, co-founder and Dojo Cho of Hikari Dojo, passed away on April 3rd. A memorial service will be held in her honor on Saturday, April 21st, from 2:00 pm until 5:30 pm at Hikari Dojo, 4861 Sunrise Drive, Unit 102, Martinez, CA, 94553

Biography of Carla Simmons retrieved form Hikari Dojo website:

Carla Jumonville 3rd Dan Aikikai, Senior Instructor of Hikari Dojo has been training in Aikido since 1992. After receiving the rank of Shodan under Pat Hendricks Sensei in 1998 at Aikido of San Leandro, she began assisting and teaching at the Pleasant Hill Adult Education Center, and also has taught classes through the Pleasant Hill Recreation and Park Center. In 2002, Carla co-founded Hikari Dojo.

She has trained with many of Northern CA Senior Sensei’s including: Frank Doran Shihan, Robert Nadeau Shihan, and Pat Hendricks Shihan. Training at both Division I gasshukus, and the week long Aikido summer camp, she has worked on refining and broadening her understanding of the principles of Aikido. In 2005, Carla traveled to Japan on pilgrimage to pay homage to the Aiki Shrine and she was also uchi deshi to Hitohiro Saito Sensei at the Tanrenkan Dojo in Iwama, Japan.

Her teaching emphasizes the principle of blending with an opponent and transforming aggression into a harmonious outcome. Focusing on student development and growth in both the principles and techniques of Aikido, Carla’s aim is to empower students to integrate these teachings into a balanced lifestyle of family, friends, community, and the promotion of peace.


  1. Katie Cadigan says:

    Although I only had the blessings of meeting and enjoying the company of Carla a few times, she made a real impression on me. What a remarkable person! Her soul was so pure; so loving and accepting. She was as beautiful outside as she was inside. I wish all those who are in pain, suffering and asking, Why???? …strength during this hard time. I am so sorry for what her children, husband, close/extended family and close friends are going through. Please know that you may not see her, hear her, touch her…..but she is there among you all at this time and being the sweet soul she is ….my gut tells me she would want you to know she is in peace and will watch over you all and looks forward to reuniting with her loved ones all again. Rest in Peace Carla. Thank you for being so wonderful to me.

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