“More Morihiro Saito upcoming on the menu…,” by Stanley Pranin

We have been working at a fast pace to ready another ebook for you in quick succession. This is the other technical manual by Morihiro Saito Sensei alluded to in our advert on “Takemusu Aiki — Koshinage.” Saito Sensei’s other unknown manual from 1979 has a similar title: “Takemusu Aiki — Katatedori.” We think you’ll be pleased with the excellent technical content. I plan to have the new manual up tomorrow later in the day.

You literally gobbled up the first volume launched over the weekend, so we’re shifting priorities to allot a large part of our energies to producing such useful documents for aikidoka. One of the nice things about the ebook format is that people have been stepping forward from all over the world to get their hands — figuratively speaking — on this material.

I’m in a hurry now with class about to start. In any event, watch this space tomorrow for the new announcement. You won’t be disappointed!

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