Spotlight on Your Dojo: World Aikido School Directory

Many of you have begun entering your dojo information into our brand-new World Aikido School Directory website. This software is designed especially for the purpose of displaying business address information and offers a wealth of options.

We are offering two packages initially as follows:

Free package for dojos to enter dojo name, instructor, style/affiliation, website URL, a thumbnail image of your website, address, telephone, and Facebook, Twitter, Google+ share buttons!

Basic package at only $4.95 per year which includes all of the above plus contact email, the ability to upload images, HTML tags, Google Mapping, a “Featured Banner,” and more! You can enter in you dojo schedule, mission statement, instructor biographies, and any other helpful information.

If you select the Basic Package you can actually construct a mini-website within the World Directory. This can serve as a “second” website for your dojo and an attractive interface to the international aikido community.

Here are some excellent examples of what can be achieved:

Aikido Eastside
Aikido of Santa Cruz
Aikido Sangenkai
Roswell Budokan

The entire website is instantly searchable and user friendly.

Go here to check out the new website. Do you Sensei a favor and sign your dojo up!

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