Updates for April 2, 2012 by Stanley Pranin

New World Aikido School Directory

Put a smile on your Sensei’s face: Have you ever wanted to do something to help your instructor gain more recognition and visibility in the aikido community? Well, here is one idea, that costs a little more than a cup of coffee. Go to the World Aikido School Directory, sign up, choose the “Basic Package” ($4.95), and fill in all of the relevant information for your dojo and instructor. Your dojo will be literally “on the map,” and your instructor’s name will be instantly retrievable when a search is conducted. With these tools you can even fashion a mini website just for your dojo. You can make a difference!

Tags make you visible: When entering a dojo listing in our new directory, among the most important bits of information are the tags you enter. These are the little bits of information that can help rapidly identify your dojo through a site search. You should be sure to enter the names of your city, instructor(s), style, etc. in this field.

This week’s Special Offer

Remember that this week we are once again offering 3 free DVDs with every 2-year subscription to the Aikido Journal Members Site. You can choose any 3 DVDs from our extensive catalog. Paid subscribers have access to all available materials on the Members Site. At the present time, this includes over 2,000 articles, encyclopedia entries, interviews, chronologies, images and videos. The vast amount of content covers virtually every aspect of aikido and related disciplines. This offer ends on Saturday, April 7.

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