Morihei’s Adventure: “They were thrown in jail… and left in their underwear!”

“When they were thrown in jail, all their clothes and belongings were taken from them, and Deguchi, Ueshiba and the others were left with only their fundoshi underwear!”

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  • Editorial – “The American Aikido Federation,” by Stanley Pranin
  • Kawaridane Nihonjin (15): “Admirals and Generals among O-Sensei’s students”, by Kazuhiko Ikeda
  • Low-cost transportation to Japan for Aikido students
  • Letter from Yoshimitsu Yamada of New York Aikikai on formation of American Aikido Federation
  • Draft of Constitution of American Aikido Federation
  • Outline History of Aikido
  • Glossary of Japanese terms used in names of aikido techniques
  • Lee Green’s “Rendez-vous with Adventure,” tv documentary on Morihei Ueshiba O-Sensei

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