If you have an iPad or Kindle, please lend a hand!

Aikido Journal will soon begin marketing a variety of ebooks. We’re setting up the infrastructure now and would like to conduct a bit of testing. I have a simple request if you have an iPad or Kindle device at your disposal. Please download and view the following PDF file on your device:

We would like to confirm that the pages which are excerpts from one of Morihiro Saito Sensei’s books display properly on the screen. Please post your comments and selections below.


Stan Pranin


  1. Ivar hafskjold says:

    Display very well on my iPad. Regards

  2. Doug Walker says:

    Hello Stan,

    I downloaded and displayed the file on an original iPad with the following apps. All displayed perfectly fine, but were just on the edge of not enough resolution ie. I am just able to see slight pixelation at normal size full page display. Japanese text and English text was readable and seemed to have correct layout. Apps were: Safari browser, Atomic browser, GoodReader, and iBooks.

  3. Byron McGaha says:


    I am very happy to see that you are moving to e-books. Maybe video too? Unfortunately the pdf wouldn’t copy to my ipad? I’ll keep trying.



    • Byron,

      It should be possible to view the PDF file on your iPad since a half dozen or so people have reported they have been successful.

  4. Keith E. McInnis says:

    I viewed the file on a kindle 3rd gen. Which uses the (IMO)delightful e-ink technology. I wear reading glasses of 1.75-2.0mag. I was unable to comfortably read the text. I have found this true with other PDF books, though not all. Kindle formatted books are fine. I have several on Aikido. The photos were crisp on my kindle and rendered nicely in the e-ink technology. They were significantly pixelated on my iMac in any browser, preview and acrobat pro. It would be great to have the option of getting the book in Kindle format. I am a great fan of the PDF format for ebooks for simplicity and platform neutral distribution. Perhaps Kindle Fire looks better, it may be peculiar to my Kindle model that PDF text is so small. Even my young sons with young eyes and no vision issues find the text too small for comfort. If that is the only ‘glitch’ it is a great start to electronic distribution!

    • Thanks for the input. Actually, the sample pdf file is not of particularly high resolution. Any ebooks offered would be of significantly higher resolution.

      • Gregory Gargiso says:

        Thanks very much. Page displayed on my Ipad 2 and when I opened it in “I books”

        all 25 pages came up.

        Cant wait for the rest.

  5. Carlos Maciel says:


    It looks perfect for me. Congratulations.

  6. Stan,

    Looks fine in both portrait or landcape and the text scales just fine. I see no issues at all (ipad2).

  7. Hi,

    Almost any pdf is viewable on ipad (first generation) so this one is no exception. I was able to see it with GoodReader and ICab Browser. As mentioned above some of the images may benefit from higher resolution (text is fine since it is probably vector data).

    As a side note, I usually browse the blog and member site with ipad and it is fine. The only real complaint is about some videos which are flash and are not supported (officialy) by ipad. The youtube videos are fine but all others are not viewable. There may be some solution to view flash but they are not easily accessible for average users. So a good addition would be at least the usage of an alternative (non flash) viewer for the movies. Other smaller modifications to the site are also welcomed: bigger buttons to accomodate for touch screen, this comment entry is hard to scroll etc.


    • Adrian, your comments are very helpful. The issue of flash videos is a troubling one related to the industry’s lack of a standard. It’s really not practical to have to generate videos in more than one format. I think strong pressure exists to solve this problem and hopefully things will be better in the future.

  8. Jeff Watkins says:

    I opened in my Kindle for iPhone, works and looks great!

  9. jim Isham says:

    I opened it on my Barnes and Noble Nook Color Tablet and it looks great and works perfect

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