Pat Hendricks: San Francisco Bay Area Mom, Aikido Master Reaches Highest Level

“Pat Hendricks has studied aikido for more than three decades. In May, the martial arts master and mother will achieve the highest level of black belt. Elizabeth Cook reports…”

So reads the byline of a video news special from CBS San Francisco about Pat Hendricks Sensei, newly awarded 7th dan by the Aikikai Hombu Dojo in Tokyo.

From the Aikido of San Leandro website:

“Pat Hendricks started studying Aikido in 1974 with Stan Pranin and Mary Heiny. In 1976 she moved to Iwama, Japan, to study with Saito Sensei Shihan. For the next 30 years, she returned to Japan over 25 times of which 6 years were uchi-deshi. She holds a menkyo kaiden in weapons certification and was certified to test for the U.S. She served as Saito Sensei’s representative for the U.S. and runs the Iwama division in the California Aikido Association (CAA). Her own dojo, Aikido of San Leandro, attracts students from all over the world, including Japan.”

Click here to watch the special report on Pat Hendricks


  1. Great news indeed! Pat is a legend in Iwama Ryu Aikido. Good to hear that she has been awarded 7th Dan!

    Well done to Pat. I love watching videos of Saito Sensei with Pat (one of them being a demo at the Japan Aikido demo when she is doing a number of bukiwaza techniques with Saito Sensei!). She always appears with lots of energy, quite enjoyable watching her receiving techniques…

  2. Clark Bateman says:

    A well-deserved distinction! Congratulations, Pat Sensei!

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