Video: The Systema Dilemma — “How Can Devastating Force Appear So Soft?”

Mikhai Ryabko demonstrates Systema at Aiki Expo 2005

Duration: 9:35
Access: Free through Saturday, March 17

The Russian art of Systema has had a tremendous impact on the martial arts scene in the last ten years. Its founder, Mikhail Ryabko is a short stout man who moves with a remarkable gracefulness while packing explosive power. In part due to the efforts of Aikido Journal, the aikido community has taken notice of the well-researched training methods of Systema and the undeniable similarity of movement between the two arts. Mikhail and his top student Vladimir Vasiliev both agreed to participate in Aiki Expo 2005 and came from Moscow, Russia and Toronto, Canada, respectively.

Mikhail’s demonstration at the Expo was highly anticipated and he certainly didn’t disappoint. The amazing fluidity with which he moves, and the many opportunities for delivering devastating effect he creates, serve as an object of study and inspiration for every martial artist. The dedicated aikidoka will definitely feel at home watching and analyzing the intricate and familiar movements of Systema as performed by its founder.

Click here to gain access to the video of Mikhail Ryabko’s Systema demonstration at Aiki Expo 2005”

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