Ushiro Karate SANCHIN Vol. 1

Kenji Ushiro’s Sanchin Kata develops your breathing, helps you to take in Ki into your body and mind, and creates a “unified-body.” This video shows detailed footage of “Kata”– the secret to Bujutsu Karate that generates this energy, Ki, which is far more effective than muscle strength or sport-type timing.

This video consists of two parts: 1) the basic part including the demonstration of Sanchin Kata with detailed explanation about the Kata by Kenji Ushiro and the demonstration of Sanchin’s basic applications; and 2) the application part including free sparring applied from Sanchin Kata.

Ushiro Sensei’s mastery of ki, as expressed through his karate, is at a level rarely seen in the world of martial arts. He is a highly sought-after instructor in Japan and author of several books on martial arts. His second book, Karate and Ki, has recently been released in an English version.

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