Spiritual Maintenance

Over the years, I’ve witnessed some great individuals, great to the point of having lived heroic lives to the point of being mythical, let themselves go and become ordinary, weak, ill, and some even vice riddled.

Others, perhaps some not even of such great stature, continued to practice, eat well, maintain good habits in every way they knew and to give good things to the world.

These sustained and continued to improve to the very end. So did their immediate and often also far reaching associations.

Spiritual Maintenance involves the body-mind connection, therefore if you are not moving, you are merely fantasizing.

Aikido is not only one such valid method, but a paramount method, as it also addresses the key critical component of life, that of consciously addressing adversity and the harmonising of it. What could strengthen your caliber more?

Serving others and improving yourself, no matter how modest you think your efforts may be, does in fact make immense differences in the world, and is the basis for spiritual maintenance, both personal, and that of the world.

Nev Sagiba


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by Nev Sagiba

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