Video: Morihei Ueshiba — “The Way of Harmony” DVD Trailer

MORIHEI UESHIBA — “The Way of Harmony”

“The Way of Harmony” DVD is a wonderful resource containing precious films of the Founder of Aikido from the period of 1958-1962. This is the time-frame when Morihei had come out of seclusion in Iwama and begun teaching in Tokyo and various locations in the Kansai area. His Aikido is at its epitome: the power, grace, and harmony of Morihei’s movements are remarkable! The Founder’s art was truly magical.

Even by watching the old films that preserve his movements, one is captivated by his commanding presence, joyful ebullience, and complete mastery of energy and space. Such a level of expertise could only be attained by one who has reached a state that many would hasten to call “enlightenment.” In any event, he without doubt transcended normal human consciousness and entered into a state of elevated alertness and sensitivity. This state of oneness is a goal that should stand as a shining example for aikidoka everywhere who are touched by his timeless message. Why should we settle for anything less in our own training?

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