Passing of Masafumi Sakanashi Sensei in Argentina

Masafumi Sakanashi Shihan, 7th dan (1954-2012)

We are saddened to pass along this news..

Verónica Lorena Labourie on Facebook writes:

“Masafumi Sakanashi Sensei was born in Japan in 1954. In search of a less violent martial art, practiced Tai Chi Chuan and found Aikido. His first instructor was Sensei Kuwamori, Yamaguchi Sensei disciple of Hombu Dojo. Since 1978 he settled in Argentina. Founded after the main center of Aikido practice in Argentina: “Center of diffusion the Aikido”, located in the heart of the city of Buenos Aires, with over fifty branches across the country. He died today at 2 am.

So we remember your practice.” Goodbye Shihan.”


  1. Condolences and prayers to the family, friends and supporters of Sakanashi Shihan for their unfortunate loss. May he rest in the peace he has so richly earned via his great work in spreading Aikido to Argentina and the world.

  2. I met Sakanashi Shihan and his son first on july 2001, i had the luck to attend him to several seminars taught by him here in Venezuela. He also taught seminars in several Latin American countries. The paradise is calling for the big ones. Also René Van Droogenbroeck Shihan, pupil of Tamura Sensei passed away, R.I.P. for this masters, my best wishes for the families and the students of these Shihans

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