“Eyes Wide Shut – Exercising Inner Vision,” by Nev Sagiba

“The aim is to unfight the attack to depletion and take charge to restore order.”

Exercising inner vision is in everyone’s grasp.

To find the file paths of optimum efficiency which is Aikido, we need to awaken our inner vision.

And learn to relax. In real fights, strength lasts about ten seconds then starts to wane. The more time passes the weaker you get as energy is burnt up exponentially. You will not have the luxury of fifteen rounds, a referee and a massage.

Time will be of the essence and you must deploy full strategic means before two seconds are up and finish the fight in less than ten.

A minute is too long although at times the situation may have a longer time span than is desirable. It depends on the vagaries of that particular circumstance.

Just realise that the longer it goes on, the higher the risk becomes.

Your sense of time will alter. We contain survival predispositions which evolved over millions of years to enable survival. The unpleasant gut wrenching hit of adrenaline which almost makes you puke and go weak at the knees is one of them. Adrenaline is designed to unleash heavy duty action. The adrenal glands produce many essential hormones of the body, which are required to carry out a number of metabolic activities. Adrenaline is also called as epinephrine and it increases the heart rate and the force of cardiac contractions, having a wide ranging effect from vasodilation, to increasing of the heart beat, dilation of the pupils and accelerating glucose metabolism. The result is a sudden burst of energy, required to survive an emergency situation where one is called upon to either escape or fight for life. Adrenaline does not give you a “rush.” It is the endorphines that follow survival that produce the highs.

One of the side effects is the release of a hormone called Vasopressin. Although responsible for increasing water absorption in the collecting ducts of the kidneys, it also affects the central nervous system. Vasopressin released within the brain has many actions. Released from centrally projecting hypothalamic neurons, Vasopressin is involved in aggression, blood pressure regulation and temperature regulation. Recent studies suggest that vasopressin may have analgesic effects on stress.

Significantly, Vasopressin increases memory and also alters the way we perceive time. Fast occurrences may seem in slow motion. In an emergency, whilst an onlooker may see you move at amazing speeds, you feel slower than usual. It means you are in fact perceiving faster and more precisely.

In high stress situation, a minute may seem like an hour, or vice versa, depending on the survival requirements. You have no control of this. It happens by itself as an automated response.

Regular training drills provide the opportunity to find more effective means to deploy skill in a safe environment and to learn from losses. Also to identify units of time, space, motion, mind and predispositions and how they connect to form action.

Breathing and relaxation are everything.

Clarity of vision and identification enables short pathways. “The centre of the circle..” Morihei Ueshiba

Tension from mental blocks and emotive fear cause you to hold your breath, tense up, pause, freeze, think, analyze and anything else that causes you to lose precious seconds.

The aim is to not think, but to flow with clarity. To do this, you must have drilled each basic kihon as a module and be able to identify the opportunities offered by the attacker which are innate in every attack, be able to get out of your own way, know when to make a technique work and if and when to move to another.

Basic kihon are modules to be drilled, but conjoined when necessary. Modular combat is a concatenation of identifications acted upon spontaneously.

Most people are adept in getting in their own way, and making things unnecessarily difficult for themselves.

Position is everything. Most of the topology of hopology is to get out of your own way. Do you know why archers in ancient times sought the high ground?
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Aiki is strategic in every way because it is deeply natural movement innate in our form. The surface “natural” movement is merely bad habituations using tension against itself.

The enemy is more than enough attrition without you adding to it by fighting yourself.

In real life, the aim is not to fight back. This merely degrades into a contest. The aim is to unfight the attack to depletion and take charge to restore order.

The trained budoka’s perception is equal whether the eyes are open or shut.

    About Dark Training

Dark training is essential. Here is another lost blog article just now found online, first published Wednesday, June 27, 2007
“Dark Training and Combat is not a linear time-based intellectual process”

Dark training is insight training. The external sight being handicapped, nature refers to other instincts and senses.

All handicaps serve to increase other abilities.

Temporarily making an artificial handicap in practice enables you to rediscover and to increase other strengths.

The eyes tend to refer to intellect which refers to preconceptions and adjudges partially and incompletely drawing wrong conclusions slowly. Dark training disallows this so we start to feel and combine the senses into the original sense of Direct Perception in Immediate Timelessness.

Practice it and it will revive.

Here are some training tools.

* Dim the lights and train until you can train in the dark.

* Train at dawn and dusk. (I could go on about the benefits of this, but you will find out by doing it.)

* When drilling essential basic kihon and you get stuck, shut your eyes and breathe.(I SAID, “IN TRAINING!”) You will immediately find the Aiki flow. Eventually, this skill transfers to eyes open.

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Henk from Mind-Works won!

He said:

“An arrow shot to a horizontal target will fall, due to gravity. Shooting from higher ground, the arrow will be able to hit a target much further.”

Yes! Good strategic thinking and correct! Using gravity to augment closing distance, the arrows are propelled farther, faster and with more force. Sometimes by only a few feet the battle outcome is decided. Maai.

Thanks to everyone who participated. The competition is now closed.


    Henk from Mind-works won!

    He said:
    “An arrow shot to a horizontal target will fall, due to gravity. Shooting from higher ground, the arrow will be able to hit a target much further.”

    Yes! Good strategic thinking and correct! Using gravity to augment acceleration, closing maai- reach, the arrows are propelled farther and with more force.

    Thanks to everyone who participated. The competition is now closed.

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