Knowing vs Knowledge – The Reversal

Nothing is static in the universe. All things move, vibrate, change fluctuate and vacillate.

But they do so in accordance to governing principles or laws.

We’ve all hear the trite cliché that, “the only constant is change,” but this does not provide the navigational keys.

Aikido does!

Consider. You defend with an Ikkyo. (Or any one of the core kihon)

Now Ikkyo is supposed to work. It’s been around for almost a thousand years, but in this instance the attacker was real and not from the-big-organization-that-owns-aikido, so he refuses to jump and take a fall for you.

At this point most, especially the devotees from the-big-organization-that-owns-aikido usually do a turncoat or a Judas and, if they live, blame aikido when they get out of hospital. “It doesn’t work,” they then start to say. They either hide at home forever with their agoraphobia. Or else they promptly seek out free money on a pension for post-traumatic-stress-syndrome.

Aikido’s fault, of course.

Or is it? Aikijutsu would not have survived ten days let alone a millenium if that were true. So how can we discover the hidden practical merit as used by successful security operatives around the globe.

The “hard” style practitioner usually survives, but also decides to take up cross training, resultant from the bruises he got.

The serious practitioners uses ANY FAILED TECHNIQUE as a gambit and a springboard for the next. Ki no Nagare!

And this most often works well. But he makes too much hard work of it, expending too much force and it is barely Aikido like.

But on this occasion the attacker is a particularly mean sob and a powerful one. He counters that iriminage or anything-else-you-did, forcing you to revert to Ikkyo again.

Would you think too much, or simply do it?

Well, those who second guessed the worth of a good basic kihon, are mostly pushing up verdure.

The Warrior, naturally MAKES THIS IKKYO WORK!

And you know what? What often fails at first attempt can very much succeed on the reversal BECAUSE OF THE FLOW OF KI.

This works for all techniques and combinations.

Knowing means successfully DOING, otherwise it’s just an idea. You do not “know” a technique until you’ve practiced it so it never fails.

Gerry Goodwin, one of the best cornet players on the planet and a superlative aikidoka well into his seventies, used to say, “An amateur practices until he gets it right, but a professional practices until he can no longer get it wrong.”

In other words, incorporated as ongoing lifestyle.

If you start with 16 basic kihon and explore them in all possible counter (kaeshiwaza) and transition (henkawaza) variables, you will make any out of 1024 initial possibilities, spontaneously and freely without thought or needing to memorise or practice anything more than the sixteen solid core techniques. That’s just to start, thence becoming 2048, moving to 3072 powerful combinations, thence infinity!

This opens up such an array as to give the appearance of an invisible protective shield that does all the work for you. But you must practice.

In fact, it is the attacker you are accommodating who is expending energy and doing all the work for you to succeed and to win!

What is this secret unspoken key to Aikido everyone can feel in their bones, aspires to attain and wonders about?

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