“The Aiki Solution,” by Nev Sagiba

Nature abhors a vacuum and is always generating imbalance so there can be interaction. Interaction is life and relationship. It generates energy and light.

Now, I don’t personally like reducing things to a formula. It’s not that simple.

And yet, sometimes it’s possible to come close. There are underlying principles that appear to dictate existence.

To the point. When you attack an attacking force you increase the destructivity. That’s simple physics, the impact of two forces rushing headlong is going to be more than that of one.

That’s analogous to “attacking a problem.”

Since all “problems” are identifiable by a singular factor, i.e. Transgression, it is folly to transgress back. Two problems don’t make a solution, as the old saying goes.

Conversely, two solutions can sit there like limp rags waiting for a problem, but unless there is one, nothing happens. Stagnation perhaps.

Further, “the bottom of the universe,” raw matter, primordial chaos, devils, ghosts and goblins are as endless as your imagination wants them to be. Giving them life by “attacking” them, makes an attacker out of you. A pest, a mischief maker and an aggressor and transgressor.

Crime does not solve crime, rather adds to it with the ensuing meltdown that happens when saturation point arrives and destructivity overcomes creativity. As history proves conclusively. That’s why all but the current empires lining up, are extinct.

So, is there a formula?

“Don’t attack the problem, create a solution.” Are these trite words or a workable practice?

Sounds good, but to make it work, we first have to address some qualifiers.

For example you can’t do as good ol’ Archimedes did, ask the invading soldier for a pen. He got a gladius instead, but through the gut thereby terminating a brilliant career. Nor can you play the violin when someone is shooting at you. Well. You can, but you risk an early demise, just like Archimedes.

Context is required.

Can you dance when someone is attacking you?

Well, not really, but if you are skilled it may well look and feel like one.

Context. In order to be creative under fire you MUST address the fire, acknowledge its existence, connect with it, understand the energy..

… then instead of playing its game.. DO THE OPPOSITE! A templated opposite reflection will neutralize the attack, because the attacking force will find only itself. The total and fearlessly skilled accommodation makes you invisible to the attacker’s intent.

That’s why Aikido is a creative Budo. It does not contend or retaliate but rather assists, concurs but removes you from the line of fire.

The attacker will end up following his trajectory to its logical conclusion.

Your integrity is not compromised. His integrity, being an attacker, never was.

Give the attacker more rope and in the course of time he will hang himself, hoist on his own petard.

That is the patient nature of the aiki of the universe as old as time itself and it can be applied and adapted to all things and circumstances.

If you don’t believe me try it out. Try Aikido!


  1. Amen, brother!

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