Magazine: Aikido Journal Number 108, 1996, Seigo Yamaguchi Memorial Issue

This jam-packed issue of Aikido Journal featuring a tribute to the late Seigo Yamaguchi Sensei, 9th dan, following his passing in 1996. Read the touching eulogy written by Second Doshu Kisshomaru Ueshiba.

Aikido Journal Number 108, 1996


     ● Editorial – Aikido & Weapons: The Last Word?, by Stanley Pranin
     ● Journal News, by Diane Skoss
     ● Letters to the Editor
     ● Seigo Yamaguchi: In Memoriam
     ● On Writing Zen Combat, by Jay Gluck
     ● Interview with Fumio Toyoda, by Mark Binder
     ● Improvisations, by Ellis Amdur
     ● In My Own Way, by David Lynch
     ● Takemusu Aikido — Yokomenuchi Iriminage Kihon, by Morihiro Saito
     ● The Omoto Religion and Aikido, by Yasuaki Deguchi
     ● Kicks & Aikido, by Roger D’Onofrio & Hans Goto
     ● Famous Swordsmen of Japan: Toru Shirai, by Takefumi Hiiragi
     ● Heard in the Dojo
     ● Daito-ryu Aikijujutsu: Kubi Hineri, by Takeshi Kawabe as transmitted by the Takumakai
     ● Events & Announcements
     ● The Book Page
     ● Our Contributors

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