Video: Tetsuzan Kuroda, Headmaster of Kuroda Family Bujutsu, at Aiki Expo 2003

Tetsuzan Kuroda: “Martial Artist of Impossible Skills!”

Tetsuzan Kuroda, the headmaster of the martial legacy of the Kuroda family, is one of the best known and respected of contemporary Japanese koryu practitioners. He is one of Japan’s finest swordsman, a master of a variety of classical weapons, and an adept in the soft-style Kuroda family jujutsu. This video was shot during the course of Aiki Expo 2003.

One quickly runs out of superlatives when attempting to describe the skills of Tetsuzan Kuroda Sensei. Watching Kuroda Sensei draw his sword is a stunning experience. It’s akin to a religious revelation where you humbly thank the Creator for allowing you to witness such a miracle of movement!

Kuroda Sensei is a wonderful teacher who patiently circulates among his students during class pointing out the minutest detail and letting everyone feel his technique. It seems that his body is constructed in a different way compared to that of the normal human being. He assumes with ease postures that are impossible or excruciating for the untrained individual to attempt. Everything about his art stimulates you to set your goals at a much higher level. Old limitations become the floor from which to ascend to new heights!

Official Website of Shinbukan Kuroda Dojo
Duration: 23:07 minutes
Access: free through Monday, January 23

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