Subscription Options Spelled Out Clearly

We have just prepared a subscription options page to make it crystal clear what your choices are when subscribing to the Aikido Journal Members Site.

By way of review, here are the four choices:

Paid subscribers have access to all available materials on the Aikido Journal Members Site. At the present time, this includes over 2,000 articles, encyclopedia entries, interviews, chronologies, images, videos, references, etc. The vast amount of content covers virtually every aspect of aikido and related disciplines.

These materials are fully indexed for easy search and retrieval of specific content. Paid members have the means to quickly inform themselves on any covered subject, and further deepen their knowledge of all aikido-related areas. Paid subscribers also receive our newsletter containing timely information on new content on Aikido Journal, aikido resources, special discounts, etc. There is no better investment for the serious aikido practitioner!

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